Tuesday, July 29, 2014

This Morning's Update

I have gained a bit of weight recently, and I have been plagued with health problems. I feel a need to return to putting only healthy things in my body to help me heal. In the name of accountability, I decided to return here to post pics of what I am eating so that I do not spam readers of my main blog. Today I weight 257.8 pounds. That is up about 25 pounds from my more comfortable weight but at the same time not so high that I can't sleep, walk or that my blood sugar is completely off the charts. I want to stop it now to avoid all those things.

Today I am starting my day off at 8:15 with a some leftover baby Brussels sprouts, which I sauteed in a little canola oil with salt and pepper. Then I added two eggs and scrambled. I added a little extra salt to the final plated scramble. I also have a large mug of black dark roast coffee. I'm not going to fuss too much with the photos so the color may not be true to life.