Monday, March 25, 2013

Update and Work Stuff

My one week diet challenge is going well. I do wish I had some cottage cheese, and maybe some more quick and easy to eat things that fit the plan around the house. The good news is that I am too lazy to cook most of the time so I am not eating that much!

In other news, I am working differently this week. I had been working as much as I could tolerate every day, and I was feeling out of it a lot and doubting the quality of my work. This week I am only working Monday through Friday, with the option to work a bit on Saturday if I don't meet my goals. (I met my goal today easily by 3:30.)

So yesterday I didn't work at all. Wow! It was harder than you might imagine. I think it is important though. When you work at home, you really have to draw some lines to keep a low level work anxiety from permeating everything you do. Of course, that can happen when you work away form home too, but I think it is even more difficult to shut things off when you work at home.

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