Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Guinea Pig Time

OK, so I am going to be my own guinea pig for a little bit. I am curious about different ways of eating healthier and ultimately losing weight. I know some things that work well, and I think being in touch with your own nutritional needs and leaning on your intuition may be the very best way, but it does require being on all the time, and that exhausts me.

So here is the plan.

Week 1 -

Eat whatever I want of these foods:

vegetables excluding white potatoes - fresh, frozen, canned are all fine
legumes - dried or canned are fine
fruit - fresh or plain frozen only
yogurt - plain, 100% fat free only
cottage cheese - 1% milk fat only
skinless chicken breast - fresh or frozen only
fish - fresh, frozen, or canned
canola oil - for cooking only
regular salt
water - tap or bottled
diet soda or diet sparking water soda like beverages
bottled or powdered diet beverages
tea from bags including herbal
fresh brewed coffee
cream or milk - in coffee only
aspartame packets
tomato paste
dried basil
dried oregano

I am not sure how I will measure the success of this program, but it will probably be weight loss based since that is what most people are interested in. Note, no dried fruit, no nuts or seeds, no processed meats, no red meats, no alcohol, and no condiments other than those listed. Those are things that are a lot different than what I am doing now. Also, obviously, a reduction in carbs. I am not going to track food while following this plan either but I will daily track my weight. See you on the other side.

Oh! Week 1 starts March 24th and ends March 30th. Seven days to see what happens. (I do realize this isn't much time for a guinea pig, but I want to try a bunch of different things for a week each unless I change my mind!)

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