Thursday, February 28, 2013

Learning About Nutrition

As someone who is fairly good at helping people learn, I have thought of an idea for a nutrition education program. At every meal, the person is presented with a plate of food and a placard. At the top of the placard would be the total calories in the meal and underneath would be listed the calories in the individual items. There could be a challenge level where people were given the same placard but with the actual calorie numbers missing. They would fill it out and then receive the actual completed placard and see how they did! People love a challenge. (At least, Americans do in general.)

I think a lot of people are confused on the calorie front. It has been shown that most people underestimate how many calories they eat. In my experience working with Diana, she often is really confused about the differences in calories for similar volumes of fruits and vegetables versus meats, cheese, and standard carbs versus intense carbs like sweets. I am guessing a lot of others have similar difficulties.


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