Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What I Ate Wednesday

Today was not really a typical day. We most often (Diana & I) have bacon and eggs for breakfast, but we were out of bacon today. I had a particularly high calorie lunch, and then a small dinner. We went to the lake, and when we got back, I was feeling rushed and out of it so it was really hurried. Diana did a great job capturing photos for me though!

coffee, eggs, & sausage

more coffee and almonds with sesame seeds and dried cranberries

diet cherry limeade, kiev stuffed chicken breast, carrots roasted in the microwave

more diet cherry limeade, spiky biscuit

water, stir-fried chicken with vegetables

1 comment:

K. said...

You can roast carrots in a microwave? Now that's my kind of cooking. ;)