Sunday, May 8, 2011


Sundays are a long day for the Faerie Gardens family. We get up early and head into Syracuse for church. Well, technically it is not church. We go to the May Memorial Unitarian Universalist Society, and this particular UU group seems to be very fond of using the term "society" right down to changing the lyrics in some of their hymns.

Why do we go to this church so far away from our home? We are a very mixed family when it comes to religion. Diana, Esme, and I identify as pagan, and even between the three of us, we accept different truths about the universe, and have different beliefs. JoAnn and Lia, on the other hand, identify as Christians. While Diana, Esme, and I were for the most part happy with our family's eclectic celebrations, Lia and JoAnn wanted to explore religion in a deeper way. They requested to attend on a regular basis a church that would accept both those with Christian type beliefs and those who are homosexual.

Diana and I spent last summer trying out a few churches, and this was the one that best met our needs. Probably the deciding factor was when they started a teen pagan group that Esme was interested in. Antonio chooses to not attend church with us and enjoys Sundays as his time alone at home.

This week, in honor of Mothers' Day, we made a couple of other stops, visiting both my mom and Diana's mom. Esme needed to stay at church late to do child care during a meeting so that worked out quite well. We also made typical stops at Wegmans and the library, not arriving home until around 4:15 or so.

Being out and about for so long was very helpful in eating less. Today I weighed 231.2 lbs. Diet Power recommended 1271 calories, and because for most of the day I didn't have access to food, it was definitely the easiest day yet. I also think I am adjusting (which is typical for me) so that eating this way seems normal. It will be exciting when Diet Power recommends higher calorie amounts, and it will feel like I am eating lots for a few days (probably in a week or two.)

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