Thursday, May 5, 2011

Poison Ivy & Day 2 of the Diet Power Trial

In our family, we are poison ivy experts! We live on three acres that seem to be mostly populated with the stuff. We have it in all of its forms, vines, bushes, & plants. No matter how careful we are, we succumb to its affects on a somewhat regular basis.

Last year, at this time, I had it bad. I was trimming some new growth that included some juicy baby poison ivy plants, and my face, particularly my eyes, got sprayed. The four weeks that followed were definitely four of the worst weeks of my life. During that time, I learned about the value of hot water in treating itchiness.

Hot water is the most effective method to get rid of itch. What you do is you put the part that itches under a stream of water that is comfortably hot and then slowly turn the temperature of the water up until it is just barely bearable. What happens is that all of the pain neurotransmitters will be fired off, and there will be none left to cause itchiness (which is really just a slight pain) for awhile. How long? Usually about two hours although your results may vary. What do you feel? First you feel an unbearable itchness, and then a wonderful release! You will know when it has worked.

I am thinking of this now because I currently have a poison ivy rash on both my ankles. Yes, I have been careful, but spring is the most difficult time! Not only are there ton of shoots coming up which you have to really watch out for, there are still dead vines about full of the oils that cause the reaction. The rash I have now was probably acquired from bare sticks or vines. I did indulge in a short time of sitting in the woods blowing bubbles a couple of weeks ago. I am pretty sure that that must have been when the contact occurred.

I am doing the hot water treatments four times a day, and pretty much keeping my discomfort at bay. It is nothing like last year when my entire body was itchy, and my eyes were swollen shut.

Today, it was again for the most part easy to stick to the 30 day trial. I weighed 233.0 this morning, and Diet Power recommended 1188 calories. I have eaten most of them already, but have enough left for a drink and a mint before bed.

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