Friday, May 6, 2011

Pain & Zucchini on a Lazy Sort of Day

Today feels like it has been both longer and shorter than ordinary days. I have not accomplished even most of the ordinary things that I do most days.

I have had a lot of pain today. First it was my right ankle and foot, then my left hip all around, then my left thigh. It was very distracting! It has been a long time since I have had such roaming nonsensical pain like that, and I wonder if it is from changing my diet. I will soon be over the change period. I can't wait for that!

I did do some reading today. I finished reading The Sky Inside by Clare B. Dunkle and was quite please with it. I also grilled out for dinner making a tasty and low calorie feast of chicken breasts and zucchini. I am feeling for the most part satisfied.

Today, I weighed 232.4 lbs., and Diet Power recommended 1189 calories. This was the easiest day so far to stay on track, but that might just have been because I let other things slide.

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