Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Love Yourself Tuesday!

I think I have a love-hate relationship with myself. For the most part, I accept and love myself. It is complicated though. For one thing, I believe that I am who I am. I didn't have any choice much in my genes or my environment. I have choices in life, and I do the best I can in making the right choices (if there even is such a thing which is something that I highly doubt.) Therefore, why should I do anything other than love myself? I am all that I can really know.

I like to look in the mirror at myself, naked. I realize I am odd in this, especially among women, especially especially among women who are on the large side of average. When I look in the mirror at myself naked, I see beauty. I do not see flaws or imperfections. I see this glorious body that does so much for me and allows me to continue existing here on this earth in this life that I know for a bit more.

Diana knows this vain part of me. She revels in it. She sees my beauty too, but she says it is easy to see beauty in others. I disagree. I think it is far easier to see beauty in this body that I know than in anyone else's body. I feel sad that Diana cannot look in the mirror at her body and see beauty like I do when I look in the mirror and see mine.

(And in case she is wondering, she is beautiful, but that is not what this is about.)

I wish that all women out there will love their bodies today. I wish that they will all see their beauty. I wish, if necessary, a paradigm shift in their minds allowing them to know that they are beautiful. Seeing our beauty starts with ourselves.

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