Monday, May 16, 2011

Keepin' It Real

Anti-perfectionism. It is something I strive for.

It is not easy for me. My family is a family of perfectionists. We are also quirky and accepting and a lot alike each other. Still there is an under current of perfectionism. We are smart and capable in our heads. It is hard I think for all of us to accept that we are not perfect. (Note, this is just my observation, not a judgment or necessarily fact. Even I am capable of over-generalizations.)

We are not unique in this by any standard. I have written before about how entrenched perfectionism is in our society. I think it comes through so easily in media and in the connections of modern technology. I also think that modern technology contains the seeds that may some day do away with so much perfectionism. I intend to do my part.

I have failed on my 30 day trial of using Diet Power again. I do think this program is a good tool. I did use it to successfully lose a lot of weight. I have kept that weight off for several months now. I am not sure exactly why it is so hard to persevere now. There are complications in my life, but there are often complications in my life. Perhaps it is because I am healthier, and it no longer feels like a life or death issue. Perhaps I am experiencing growth in other areas. Perhaps I just let little things get to me and then don't get right back on track. Anyways, that is the fact.

I am not perfect.

I will keep on sharing though! I am really enjoying being back in the blogging groove. I do intend to keep striving to eat healthy. I may or may not lose weight. I hope you enjoy sharing my journey!

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