Monday, March 14, 2011

Catch Up!

In the last couple of months, I have started many posts for this blog, in several cases writing many paragraphs before saving and never returning to them. Ending blog posts or conversations or relationships even are not things that I am particularly good at.

This blog keeps calling me though. I would say that of all my blogs it is my favorite, and the one I think others are most likely to get useful information from.

Since I doubt that I will ever finish all those entries without endings, I thought I might ramble a bit here about some of the topics that I felt compelled to write about even if I don't really flesh out the topics. It is a starting point.

One thing I have wanted to do was an update on health issues where Diana and myself are concerned. I will start there.

The pluses - Diana lost 46 lbs. last year. She also lowered her fasting blood sugar from 150-160 to 115-125. She has more energy. She can for the most part wear clothing from the regular ladies' section of stores. She also finds it somewhat easier to select foods and portion sizes that help her to stay healthy.

The negatives - She still struggles to avoid high carb dessert type foods in the evenings, and although she moves a lot more than before (simply because it is easier and she has more energy), I would classify her as very sedentary. Her A1C is still in the borderline danger zone, and she'd like even lower blood sugars. She thinks if she lost more weight those things would even out, but after a lot of extra eating during the holidays, it has been hard to get to a place of steady weight loss this year. She has pretty much plateaued moving between 180 - 189 but is not breaking the 180 barrier. There is a part of me that wants to say that maybe this is what she is meant to weigh. (She is 5' 2" like me.) But I think we are both pretty certain that losing a bit more will be get her other numbers to the place where she will be able to minimize the risk of any diabetes complications.

Plan - For now, she is doing her best to make good choices without feeling deprived. This year, I have been plagued with health problems of my own, so my use of Diet Power to record calorie totals has not been regular. Hopefully as my health stabilizes, I will continue that and be able to assist Diana in her efforts. As the weather warms and the snow melts, increased activity will also be part of the plan.

Now for me!

Pluses - I lost 85 lbs. last year. I lowered my fasting blood glucose level from 140-150 to 95-115. I have a lot more energy, so much more that in some ways I feel like a different person.

Negatives - I have a history of gall bladder disease, but up until last month, I had not had an attack in 9 years. Well weight loss is a trigger for gall bladder problems. I did not lose weight super fast but still the gall bladder problems have returned. I am determined to not have my gall bladder out if I feel that there are any other options. So I am back to using diet to keep it under control. This means I need to eat a very low fat diet, and I need to watch the total volume of food that I eat at any one time. Of course, I need to eat a low carbohydrate diet too due to diabetes. This leaves me feeling that no food is safe, and that I am hungry all the time.

I am lucky. After several attacks, (I kept telling myself that it was just a fluke and I'd be fine), I returned to the method that enabled me to get it under control 9 years ago, and I now seem to be doing OK. It has been a very exhausting struggle. The past few weeks just seem like a blur of pain followed by a blur of starvation followed by a blur of exhaustion and only today am I feeling anything at all like my old self!

Similar to Diana, I have not lost much weight this year, only around 5 lbs, and most of that due to the starvation part of my recovery. I am hopeful that now that my energy levels are better, I will be able to see how I can make more weight loss happen.

This is the place where I suddenly want to stop writing even though I know that I have not really ended. I also want to write about fat acceptance. That is so important to me, and since I have been losing weight, I worry that people will get the wrong idea about my opinions from reading my blog.

I have wanted to write more about perfection, and how it can create a landslide effect that hurts us all.

I have wanted to write a lot more entries about positivity, passion, and play because those are the things that often fill my days.

I have wanted to write some "what I eat" entries because I get a lot of questions about that.

I have also wanted to go back to making menu plans because I love routine (except when I hate it.)

Oh, an entry or two or three or maybe even four about my daughters might be called for too!

Those things will have to wait...


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Believe me when I say that I know exactly how it feels to have a million tantalizing little tidbits of blog entries swirling about in your head and then for whatever reason just not quite getting to the writing of any of them. But I wanted to go on record as saying that I'm very interested in what you have to say about every single one of the little teases at the end of this post. So I do hope you find some time and inspiration to write on some of those topics.