Monday, December 6, 2010

Things I Learned (or had reinforced) This Week

1. You really can eat anything if you watch your portion sizes.

2. Diana and I both get full on a lot less food than we use to.

3. As long as you are eating better than you would have in the past, you are accomplishing something. (In other words, don't beat yourself up when you aren't perfect!)

4. You really can't compare the weight gain and loss patterns of two people. Each person is truly an individual in terms of metabolism patterns, water retention patterns, and the effects of various foods (or lack of foods) on their body.

5. Because of what I said in number 4, you really have to take all nutrition advice, even advice given by the results of carefully executed studies, a grain of salt.

6. Sometimes it sucks being a person who doesn't overeat, especially during the holidays.

7. I can make feasts and desserts for my family and still not overeat.

8. Shoveling snow seems to be a completely ineffective method of increasing the pace of my weight loss.

9. It is best to never hurry and never wait.

10. Frequent solitude is essential to my well being.


sak said...

Great list! :)

K. said...

Yes yes yes yes YES! This is a really succinct summary of the things that I've learned, too, through trial and error. And the really frustrating thing is that so much of it SHOULD be common sense, but I think we've been so confused by the conflicting studies and "experts" that we don't trust our (pardon the pun) gut anymore.

Thanks for this. Funny AND smart.

Nick Dunn said...

Well said.
I'm about as dissimilar to you as can get–29 y/o male who grew exercising hours a day and and eating as much as it would take to not "starve." But I studied nutrition and health in college and spent the 4 years there eating mostly fruits and vegetables (by choice). That's where I got my carbs from. I cut out dessert and and sweets out of guilt, and then caffeine and most processed sugar out of purist ideals.
Anyway, you're right about each person being different. Eat Right For Your Blood Type is the best book I've yet to see, and in todays time it's ancient.
You're right on track as far as I see. The basics: more calorie output than intake, and watch out for calorically dense food!
(I found your blog simply by pressing Next Blog)