Friday, October 1, 2010

Autumn, the Time of Busy-ness

While some of the members of the animal kingdom are using autumn to prepare for winter, it seems that our family spends autumn ramping up our activity level. Right now, I am at a point in my life when I want less activity of the social variety so this has not been a very smooth transition this year on my part. It also has been less than optimal for our diet. We have been eating on the go a lot more and that removes a level of planning and mindfulness from the equation. The results are present in our totals as October starts.

Our goals for this month were:

Me: weight 240, bg less than 100
Diana: weight 184, bg less than 100

Our results were:

Me: weight 245.6, bg 122
Diana: weight 188.4, bg 107

This is the first time that my blood glucose was over Diana's. I did have around 1.5 cups of white rice last night, and both of us have eaten more carbs than we have in a long time this past week. This just tells me to ramp up our control a bit more this next month! I am up for the challenge. :D

It will be a challenge too! This month we have a birthday party at my sister's house, a champagne brunch in Utica, and of course, we will be on the road to ARGH on the 30th, and then at ARGH celebrating Halloween on the 31st! There are probably other things that I am not thinking of too. I am tempted to bring our pocket scale everywhere and to weigh every bite that we put in our mouth!!!

Last month wasn't a complete wash out. I still lost one pound, and Diana lost two. Diana's blood sugar is still exceptionally good although I'd really like to see her with a number under 100. I am sure it will happen eventually! On with the show...


BunnyKissd said...

In case you didn't fully understand earlier, I am so incredibly grateful to you for your help and encouragement in this weight loss-health gain journey we're on. Even though I might complain and pout from time to time about not having dessert or having salad "forced" on me, it's said in jest, as it's all worth it if I get to spend more days with you... {{{HUGSTIGHT}}}

Emma said...

That was always the hardest part of dieting to me, eating out of the house. I always felt *really* self conscious about trying to watch calories or other measurements while in group settings.

And yay for you both it's really inspiring to see your success!