Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Yay for Summer!!!

Well this summer has not been a time for a lot of blogging, but it has been a time for a lot of fun and growing! Here it is September, and we have officially survived the summer of 2010! Wheeeeeee!!!

OK so our goals for the month of August were:

Me: weight 244, bg less than 100
Diana: weight 189, bg less than 100

Here is how we did:

Me: weight 246.6, bg 88
Diana: weight 190.4, bg 104

Neither of us completely made our weight loss goal. I had a mountain on my chart when Diana and the kids went to her mom's for a few days leaving me to clean. I have made a comeback, but it has been slow going. Diana was down to 189 but has popped up just a little bit the last two days. That is not too bad a thing because she has been losing fairly quickly the last couple of weeks.

Onto the blood glucose, I am so happy to see that 88! I have been worried that I would never return to the normal range no matter how much weight I lost or how careful I was! On top of that, I am so hungry this morning! Lower blood glucose equals hunger! What do you know!

Diana's 104 is the lowest fasting blood glucose that she has had since she was first diagnosed with diabetes years ago. I think she is eager to see the below 100 numbers too, but you have to be patient I think. I am sure that the work and perseverance she is giving her eating plan will pay off in the end, and for now, I am really celebrating that 104!

Our goals for September:

Me: weight 240, bg less than 100
Diana: weight 184, bg less than 100

I can't wait to see how we do!


Regina Siena said...

Hallo there =)

Ori said...

congrats, you can make it!! :)