Monday, July 19, 2010

The Benefits of Weight Loss

Since I both started using the Diet Power program to record my food and decide my calorie levels, and started keeping my carb intake under 150 carbs a day, on February 1 of this year, I have lost 67 lbs. I thought I would record some of the changes that I attribute to both the dietary change and the weight loss.

1. I have more stamina! I don't feel like an invalid.

2. I sleep more comfortably in my bed.

3. I have a better center of balance.

4. I handle my FM symptoms better.

5. I handle stress better.

6. I can think more clearly and have more energy to delegate to both physical and mental activities.

7. I am less easily overwhelmed.

8. I look better in clothing. It is easier to find clothes that fit correctly.

9. I have less digestive upsets.

10. I have fewer "time of day" related moodiness spells.


alessandra said...

Wow, you rock girl!

Emma said...

Go mom! *like*

I wish blogs had a *like* button....

Jacqueline Parks said...

Me too! It is such an easy way to say "I've read what you've written, and I like it!"

rudy said...

superb blog.,.,.,.,.

Justin Watson said...

I totally agree with the benefits of weight loss. When I went to high school I had a weight problem. I started homeschooling and changed my entire life style. I started going to the gym everyday running and dieting. Now here I am today 40 pounds lighter and 8 sizes smaller. Ill probably mention that in my blog later.h

rudy said...


rudy said...