Monday, June 7, 2010


I took a three week break from my "speed" walks. It started when I acquired a particularly bad bout of poison ivy rash that incapacitated me. Then I got busy with birthday and anniversary celebrations, Memorial picnics, and planning for the conference that we will soon be attending. Today I was back on track. Although I had taken this three week break, I was hopeful that I would still do well. I have been losing weight, and in many ways, I feel healthier than I ever have!

I was a little bit disappointed. I completed the 1.4 miles in 29 minutes. Of course, this is actually quite good since I was stuck at 32 minutes for so long! Also I had no aches or pains, and I only found myself getting tired on the two especially steep uphill parts of the route. (I am proud to say that I didn't slow my pace on those stretches.) I definitely love my Soft Star shoes, and I'd say that I have adjusted to walking in them 100%.

Now, onto daily walks, I am seeing a long walk in my future, and I can't wait!

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