Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I have been very busy this week getting ready to go to a conference next week. I have also been eating extra healthy. I have noticed a correlation. When I am busy, I just don't have time to overeat. It also helps that I tend to have a lot of healthy food just sitting around (including plenty of leftovers at the moment that I want to use up before we leave!)

Monday, June 7, 2010


I took a three week break from my "speed" walks. It started when I acquired a particularly bad bout of poison ivy rash that incapacitated me. Then I got busy with birthday and anniversary celebrations, Memorial picnics, and planning for the conference that we will soon be attending. Today I was back on track. Although I had taken this three week break, I was hopeful that I would still do well. I have been losing weight, and in many ways, I feel healthier than I ever have!

I was a little bit disappointed. I completed the 1.4 miles in 29 minutes. Of course, this is actually quite good since I was stuck at 32 minutes for so long! Also I had no aches or pains, and I only found myself getting tired on the two especially steep uphill parts of the route. (I am proud to say that I didn't slow my pace on those stretches.) I definitely love my Soft Star shoes, and I'd say that I have adjusted to walking in them 100%.

Now, onto daily walks, I am seeing a long walk in my future, and I can't wait!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


I am going to be adding a few new foods to my diet. The first is low sodium V8 juice. I have never liked low sodium V8 juice, but since I am lowering my sodium in general, it may be more palatable now. It is the best way to improve my potassium intake without similarly raising my sodium intake. I am also adding Greek yogurt. I have not been a big yogurt fan in the past, but I don't hate it. I am going to first try some of the sweetened varieties that are not too high in carbs, and then work down to the plain. The third food fits in there. I need to eat more fiber. (Low carb sucks in the fiber department.) I am hoping to add some all bran type cereal without raising my carbs too much and without it tasting too bad. I was thinking the plain Greek yogurt, some high fiber cereal, and some berries might make a good lunch. If I can't get use to the yogurt, I could add a packet of aspartame based sweetener to take the edge off.

Hopefully these changes will increase both my potassium levels and my fiber levels!

A Long Walk

I don't think that I have written about it here in this blog before, but I have an idea that I would like to take some long walks. By long walks, I don't mean an hour or two, I mean walks that could last possibly months. I like the idea of walking in the woods in near solitude, but I also like the idea of long road walks through small towns seeing what there is too see. Traveling by foot is very appealing to me!

It is funny, but I never saw my speed walks and the goals associated with them as having anything to do with my "long walk" ideas. It just recently hit me though that if I felt in good enough shape I could take some shorter walks to lead up to a really long one. Maybe just an overnight walk or a weekend walk or even just a whole day walk but with some real distance to travel. The thought is exciting to me. It could possibly happen this fall or even next summer is cool! Diana has also requested that I walk with her 30 minutes today. If I manage a 30 minute walk each day with Diana and my 30 minute speed walk 4 or 5 times a week, I should make some real progress towards me goal! (The weight loss helps too. Just losing weight makes walking easier even if I don't exercise. There is nothing like lugging around 300+ pounds to make a quick walk a real workout!)

Thursday, June 3, 2010


June First

Me - 265.4 lbs. 97 bg
Diana - 209 lbs. 122 bg

Goals for July First

Me - 259 lbs. >100 bg
Diana - 203 lbs. >122 bg