Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Today I took my walk much later than usual. It was nearly dark by the time that I got home.

On my walk, I saw a pick up truck with two saplings in the back, lots of healthy evergreens (I am envious 'cause ours are all dying and I don't know why), children playing with a remote controlled car, a girl riding a scooter & a man riding an ATV, a pile of rocks by the side of the road that I had never noticed before but I am sure it must have been there for a long time, and lots and lots of daffodils in bloom!

On my walk, I heard the elusive veery that I hope to see someday, lots of dogs barking, a handful of kids playing, some very noisy vehicles, and a variety of birds singing in the twilight.

On my walk, I smelled BBQ's making me hungry, sawdust & woodchips, and fresh cut grass.

On my walk, I felt cold air making my fingers tingly and my lungs sting by the time I was done.

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