Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Improving Nutrition Part 2

Today I had a can of tuna for my afternoon snack. I had light tuna even though it has less omega 3's than albacore because it has also has less mercury and feels safer to me. (Not to mention the fact that it is also cheaper.)

The next "fail" in my nutrition profile is cholesterol. I have managed to bring my cholesterol intake down from an average of around 500 mg a day to an average of around 400 mg a day, but it is recommended that one have no more than 300 mg a day. The biggest sources of cholesterol in my diet have been eggs (which I actually eat very rarely), turkey and ham (which I get from the deli and have for lunch about half the time), cream (which I have in my coffee), chicken, shrimp, cheddar, and butter, all of which I often have as part of my dinner (although I have cut the amount of butter that I have way down.)

I don't have any specific ideas for further lowering the amount of cholesterol that I eat. Because I need to maintain a low carb diet to keep my blood glucose levels normal, I think that I will have to just be aware of those foods that are high in cholesterol and see what I can do slowly over time to improve this number.

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