Friday, March 12, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy and an Interesting Article Link

My life seems to have taken a busy turn, and writing here everyday has not been doable lately. I have continued using the Diet Power nutrition program to track my food and exercise, and that of my partner. We are both showing modest weight loss, and I have shown a blood glucose reduction. Next month, we will know how my partner is doing in that area.

I saw an interesting article today. The results of yet another weight reduction study have been released.

I quote:

MONDAY, March 1 (HealthDay News) -- Three years after going on a diet, obese men and women on low-carbohydrate "Atkins"-type plans had gained back nearly all their weight, while those on low-fat diets continued to lose, new research finds.

Neither group ended up model-thin, however: Three years out, the low-carb dieters were a mere five pounds thinner and the low-fat group about 10 pounds slimmer than when they began.

The study is published in the March 2 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine.

The complete article can be accessed at . The thing that interests me the most about this article is that both groups lost less than 10 lbs. in a three year period. All of the articles that I am finding about this study are emphasizing the fact that the low fat diet beat out the low carbohydrate diet! My point is, should anyone be following either of these rather extreme diets in the hope that they might lose 5 or 10 lbs. in three years?

I also want to note that those in the low carb diet were encouraged to follow a very strict low carb regimen (less than 30 carbs a day.) This is extremely difficult to do in our society. Most people with type 2 diabetes can control it with a much more moderate low carb diet (75-150 carbs a day.) This is a more realistic solution in the face of a deadly disease with complications that can greatly lower your quality of life.

I would like to see more studies that focus on comparing diets in relation to factual health markers (blood glucose, serum cholesterol, high blood pressure, kidney function) as opposed to weight loss. Our society's obsession with weight loss has blinded us to the things that truly matter.

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Emma said...

I am working towards a goal of 200 or less carbs a day, which so far has been pretty manageable just by consciously avoiding sweets and breads. I need to find a good pasta alternative though, that is my biggest weakness and Scott likes to make sauces a lot.