Saturday, February 20, 2010

Weight and stuff...

It feels like it is a day to get back on track, but with the girls away and Benji here, I am not sure where the track is!

My computer was free this morning, and I did not start the day off with my housework as usual but checked a few things online. (Usually Es is on my computer in the early mornings.) I know that I am partially delaying my housework because somehow or other, my kitchen has gotten very messy! (I don't know how this happens in less than a day!) I got distracted and am now having breakfast at 8:45. It is a Lemon Zest Luna Bar and 12 oz. water. I will make coffee in a few minutes.

A word about weight. When I started this better choice program at the beginning of the month, I did not have access to a working scale that I could weigh myself on. The last time I had weighed myself had been a few months earlier and my weight had been bouncing up and down between 306 and 316. When I started using the Diet Power program, I chose to use 320 as my starting weight because I was quite sure that didn't weigh more than that, and I was also quite sure that my weight was closer to 316 than to 306 (and perhaps a little bit higher) because I had really eaten a lot of calories during the holiday season, and my exercise had been minimal. Diet Power uses your daily weight to constantly adjust your calorie budget to meet your weight loss goal. I have my programmed weight loss goal to be 164 by 2/1/2012. (That would require a weight loss of 1.5 lbs. a week from 320 on 2/1/2010.)

To begin with, I was entering 320 as my weight every day so Diet Power was dropping my calorie allowance each day which was quite annoying. Now the opposite is happening. Today I only weighed 295, and my calorie allowance has jumped to 4045. In addition to that, any calories that you have left over go into your "calorie bank" at the end of the day so that you can use them on special occasion. I now have 8105. I do not intend to eat this much ever! I thought it may be interesting to others who are planning on using Diet Power to see how it works though. I think you really need to use the calorie suggestions with a grain of salt and instead gauge your food intake on your own personal hunger. I do not think I would continue losing weight if I ate 4045 calories a day, but I do know that if I listed weight gains Diet Power would quickly lower my calorie budget to a more reasonable level. It is also important to note that a one day loss or gain doesn't change much, there has to be a clear pattern.

I plan on adjusting my weight loss goal to more accurately reflect my weight and progress at the beginning of each month until I am happy with it.

At 10:00, I have 12 oz. water. I am very dry feeling although not exactly thirsty. It is probably due to still having a cold.

At 11:00, I have what I consider my "morning snack." It consists of 7.4 oz. leftover beef and broccoli and a 12 oz. mug of coffee with 1 tbsp. heavy cream and 1 packet aspartame based sweetener. I am slow drinking my coffee, and it gets cold so I freshen it up with another 6 oz. at noon.

We take Benji and Ant to the Chinese Buffet for lunch just sliding in before 2:00 when the price doubles! I am so careful with my choices but still include some "luxury items." I have two plates. The first plate includes a small mound of that surimi stuff they have at Chinese buffets where it is mixed with cream cheese and onions and maybe some other tasty things and baked, three pieces of three different types of chicken (each just a mouthful), 1/4 c. each of cauliflower, broccoli, and green beens, 1/2 c. of small shrimp with no sauce, 3 small stuffed mushrooms, 1 crab rangoon, and 1 fried cheese stick. My second plate contained one piece of pork teriyaki on a stick and a salad I like to make with a little iceberg lettuce on the bottom, a little rotini on that, a little tomato-cucumber salad on that, and a bit more crab salad on that. Yum! I ate a lot of calories, but definitely fewer and with more nutrition than I would usually eat at the Chinese buffet.

I am still so dry and not well so at 6:00, I have a cup of hot tea.

And then I get distracted and busy, and do eat dinner of course, but don't have time or energy to write about it tonight! Rest assured, it has all been entered into Diet Power, and I will be back tomorrow!

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