Friday, February 5, 2010

'Tis the Fifth, and All Is Well

Today I got up at 7 am with much too little sleep. Our daughter Lia needed me in the night, and it seemed so did our cat Bunny. I was thinking I would want to nap sometime today (and boy, do I hate napping!) so I started right in with the things I wanted to accomplish. After a quick shower, I cleaned the bedroom mirrors and then headed outside to shovel snow! It was only light shoveling, and I was determined to shovel our whole driveway by myself. (Something I have never done before.) I shoveled for 23 minutes and then too a short break to prep coffee and make sure that Benji was OK, and then shoveled for another 26 minutes, and it was done! Forty-nine minute total! (Of course, when the snow is deep and heavy the whole thing can take much longer.)

Then I was going to have a cup of coffee at the least, but Benji needed me, and I decided to wash the dishes, and Lia got up and I talked with her a bit so by the time that I sat down with a cup of coffee it was 10:00! I have not been too hungry this morning so it has been OK. I only have 1 tsp. of heavy cream and 1 pkt. aspartame based sweetener in my coffee today (at least this cup).

At 10:47, I realized that Lia had gone back to sleep, and Benji was down for his nap, so I should get some food! I made myself a "breakfast" of 1/2 c. leftover scalloped potatoes, 6 oz. Prince Edward Island blend veggies, .7 oz. smoked cheddar cheese, and another 12 oz. of coffee with 1 tbsp (this time) heavy cream and 1 pkt. of aspartame based sweetener.

I continue with my daily activities, and at 1:45, when all of the kids are up except for Es and Benji is drowsing again, I attempt to take a nap. I sleep on and off but little things keep waking me up, and at 2:30, I get out of bed and get myself some lunch. I am trying to finish up some leftovers today so I put 1/2 c. seafood chowder, 1/2 c. imbolc stew, and 1/2 c. scalloped potatoes into a bowl and heat it for a hearty lunch. I also make myself a 12 oz. cup of candy cane lane stew. I always wake up from a nap freezing cold and craving hot, high fat food (even on hot humid days in the middle of the summer!) It is one of the reasons I don't like napping.

I am still hungry after I eat (that after nap side effect), but I just keep on truckin' and wait until 3:45 to eat again. Then I make myself another cup of that candy cane lane tea (so good!) and want something rich and creamy and full of fat! At the same time, I don't want to increase my intake of saturated fat with this snack. Nuts are out because they hurt my teeth, and I am in no mood to tolerate that right now. I briefly contemplate crackers, but they are not creamy, and I think eating a lot more carbs right now might prolong my discomfort. I notice three avocados on our counter! I had forgotten about them, and one is almost over ripe! Without guilt I eat 1/2 an avocado for my snack!

As usual, dinner was on the late side. We sat down to eat at about 8:00, and I had 1.5 c. sweet chicken chili, 1/2 c. coleslaw, and 1 small leftover whole wheat dinner roll. To drink, I had another 12 oz. of the candy cane lane tea.


morning snack - coffee w/heavy cream and sweetener
breakfast - scalloped potatoes, PEI blend veggies, smoked cheddar, more coffee
lunch - scalloped potatoes, imbolc stew, seafood chowder, tea
afternoon snack - avocado, tea
dinner - chili, coleslaw, dinner roll, tea

Calories - 1242
Fat - 55.9 grams
Carbs - 126 grams
Protein - 71.1 grams

Nutrition Score - 105 (A+)

Exercise - 49 minutes light snow shoveling

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