Friday, February 12, 2010

More of the same...

At 7:45, I started my day with 12 oz. water. Then I had breakfast at 8:30 of 12 oz. coffee with 1 oz. heavy cream and 1 packet of aspartame based sweetener, 2 eggs, and 1.4 oz. whole wheat toast with 1 tsp. butter.

At about 10:30, I have a snack of 3.8 oz. of ham and 2/3 cup cranberry-pomegranate juice, the kind that is 100% juice.

At 4:00, I have a late lunch of 3.2 oz. of turkey, 7.3 oz. pear, and .7 oz. havarti.

Then Diana and I need to go out again, and although there is a lot of exercise, I don't think that I can count it as dedicated exercise. On our way home, I have a 20 oz. bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper.

For dinner at about 8:30, I have 17.8 oz. of spaghetti sauce soup. It has meatballs in it and is very good! I also have about 12 oz. water.


Calories - 1429
Fat - 68.2 grams
Carbs - 111 grams
Protein - 103

Exercise - none dedicated

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