Sunday, February 7, 2010

Last Day of First Week!

Today I got up right on time at 7:15, but once again, I didn't manage to sit down to breakfast until a bit later, 9:45. I had an omelet made of 1 t. of butter, 2 eggs, and .5 oz. of gouda, a 1.4 oz. slice of whole wheat toast with 1 tsp. of butter, and 12 oz. of coffee with 1 tbsp. of heavy cream and 1 packet of aspartame based sweetener.

I have notices that the Diet Power 4.4 program lowers your calorie amount everyday that you don't report a weight loss. I think this is a good idea, but because I am not weighing myself and am just putting in the same weight every day, I wonder if eventually it will say I shouldn't eat anything! I will not find out of course because if I decide to continue on this program, I will buy a scale on which I can weigh myself.

At 12:30, I stop my activity for a snack of 1/2 c. of fresh pineapple and 1/2 c. of fresh strawberries! Yep, we splurged on fresh fruit at Aldi this week. The strawberries are only so-so, but he pineapple is so good!!! I also have a 5.5 oz. can of V8 juice and a second cup of coffee (12 oz.) with 1 tbsp. heavy cream and 1 packet of aspartame based sweetener.

After a late breakfast, I have a late lunch at 3:30. I have 1 c. of whole wheat pasta topped with 1.5 c. of left over sweet chicken chili. I also have 12 oz. of diet ginger ale.

At 4:45, I have a snack of .5 oz. of pork rinds and 1/2 c. blueberries (frozen, unsweetened).

I am thirsty and over the course of the afternoon and evening, drink 24 oz. of water.

For dinner, our original plans were to go to a Super Bowl party at Diana's mom's house and bring gumbo, but that fell through so I made gumbo for our dinner at home. Diana's mom was making shrimp fritters, and the thought of that put Diana in the mood for hush puppies so those were what I made for a side dish. I ate 1.5 c. of gumbo and 3 hush puppies. I also drank another 8 oz. of water.


calories - 1941
fat - 91.5 grams
carbs - 183 grams
protein - 110 grams

nutrition score - 81 (B)

exercise - none dedicated

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