Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Still Sick

I still have a cold. OK, I know colds usually last more than one day.

In brief, I had breakfast at about 8:00. I had a piece of leftover Valentine's pizza and my usual coffee with 1 tbsp. cream and 1 packet aspartame based sweetener.

At 11:30, I have 3.2 oz. turkey and another cup of coffee prepared the same way.

At 1:45, I have 1 c. spaghetti sauce soup (13 oz.), 1 oz. potato chips, and 12 oz. water.

In the afternoon, I go out and shovel snow for 40 minutes. I decide to go out even though I have a cold because it has been snowing heavy all day, and the parts that the kids shoveled in the morning need to be re-shoveled! JoAnn goes out with me, and we get the job done. I am glad I went because the cold air is always good for me when I have a cold and a bit of exercise too. It was fun in spite of the sleet.

When I come inside at about 4:00, I have about 6 oz. of turkey and 12 oz. of hot candy cane lane tea.

At 7:00, I have another cup of that tea. Tea is good when you have a cold.

At 8:00, I have dinner of 4 Chicken Bundles (pieces of chicken seasoned and wrapped in bacon then baked). I have 12 oz. water with that.

At 9:45, I finish up my day with a cup of coconut thai tea. (Yes, we collect a lot of teas!)


Calories - 2153
Fat - 103 grams
Carbs - 118 grams
Protein - 194 grams

Exercise - 40 minutes of light snow shoveling

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Emma said...

Coconut Thai tea sounds very yummyy!