Saturday, February 6, 2010

February 6, The First Week Is Almost Done

Today I slept a little late as I tend to on Saturdays and got up at 8:00. Then I jumped right into chores and didn't get around to eating breakfast until about 11:00. I had a big Saturday breakfast: .7 oz. bacon (3 small slices center cut), 1/2 c. diced frozen hashbrowns heated in 1 tbsp. butter, 2 eggs made into an omelet with 3/4 oz. American Cheese Food and 1 t. butter. I also had 12 oz. coffee w/1 tbsp. heavy cream and 1 packet of aspartame based sweetener, and a 5.5 ounce can of V-8 juice.

At 12:30, thirst drives me to drinking 12 oz. of water.

Lunch commences at 1:45. I have 11 oz. of leftover scalloped potatoes mixed with 3.9 oz. of leftover shrimp dip and 12 oz. of candy cane lane tea. It is all delicious! I feel like I have not eaten a very nutritious diet so far today though. Everything has been too decadent!

At 3:45, I have another 12 oz. water.

Dinner is a bit earlier than it has been. At 7:00, I have 8.6 oz. of canned beets with 1 tsp. of butter on them, .7 oz. of pork rinds, and a piece of salmon wellington. I also have 12 oz. diet gingerale.


breakfast: 3 small slices bacon, 1/2 c. hashbrowns, 2 egg omelet with American cheese, coffee, V8 juice
lunch: scalloped potatoes mixed with shrimp dip, tea
dinner: beets with butter, pork rinds, salmon wellington, diet gingerale

calories - 1905
fat -122 grams
carbs - 134 grams
protein - 78.9 grams

nutrition score - 70 (C)

exercise - nothing specific

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