Monday, February 22, 2010


Diana is my partner, and she was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in November 2007. She has tried many methods of controlling her blood glucose levels, but nothing has been very successful. We both feel that it is time to take stronger action to get her blood glucose levels under control. We have seen first hand the devastation that uncontrolled diabetes can cause, and it is time to do better now that we might have a better future.

This month has been my time to work on those things that I need to work on and to take my own demons firmly in hand. Starting next month, I will be adding Diana to the Diet Power program and be helping her with hers. I have some concerns, but I am her partner, and we can work it out together. I think we both know that it is time. Diana will be aiming for 85 carbs per day with no more than 10 at breakfast, 40 at lunch, 15 at afternoon snack, and 20 at dinner with carbs carrying over to the next meal but not carrying over to the next day (because that is just not how diabetes works.)


9:45 Breakfast - 4.8 oz. whole wheat rotini with 1.9 oz. tomato paste, 1.7 oz. pizza sauce, 1.2 oz. mozzarella, and 1 t. parmesan; 12 oz. coffee with 1 tbsp. heavy cream and 1 packet aspartame

12:00 Snack - 7.2 oz. turkey, 12 oz. coffee with 1 tbsp. heavy cream and 1 packet aspartame

2:00 Snack - .7 oz. deluxe mixed nuts (the kind without peanuts), 12 oz. Diet Dr. Thunder (store brand Dr. Pepper)

4:45 Snack - 2 Golden Double Stuf Oreos & 1 oz. Pepper Relish Potato Chips

8:45 Dinner - veggie bowl (8.2 oz. brussel sprouts, 6.8 oz. corn, 1 tsp. butter), 2 slices very thin whole wheat toast (1.7 oz.) with 2 tsp. butter, 3.2 oz. ham, 2.2 oz. tomato, 12 oz. Diet Dr. Thunder, 5.5 oz. V8 Juice

Calories - 1898
Fat - 79. 4 grams
Carbs - 186 grams
Protein - 129 grams

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