Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day Four (Happy Birthday Lia!)

Today I am up to the sun at 7:15! Back on schedule feels great to me in spite of the 3 degree temperature outside and the fifty-something degree temperature inside. I turn up the heat and quickly check the water. Everything is working! I didn't realize that the temperature would fall so much last night, and I took no precautions against frozen pipes! I feel lucky.

I do my morning stuff and am ready for breakfast as usual at 8:00. I have 12 oz. coffee with 1 tbsp. heavy cream and 1 pkt. aspartame based sweetener, an omelet of 2 eggs and 3/4 oz. American cheese food cooked in 1 tsp. butter, and a 1.6 oz. slice of whole wheat toast with 1 tsp. butter. Breakfast is delicious. I am not hungry and am ready to face the day. (Somewhere in the back of my head I am thinking that I should be eating less saturated fat for breakfast, but the lower fat higher carb breakfasts tend to leave me hungry and may not be best for my diabetes so this is the best choice that I am willing to make today.)

At 10:30, I had a snack of 8 oz. water and 2.6 ounces of raw cabbage.

Next activity of the day was heading to Syracuse to pick up my grandson who will be spending a few days with us. We were gone about 3 hours (we had other errands to do to), and I got very thristy on this trip! Diana stopped at Walmart on the way home and got me a 20 oz. bottle of diet Dr. Pepper. I started drinking this at about 2:00 and continued drinking it as my beverage for lunch which I had when I got home at 2:30. Lunch was 1.5 cups of leftover imbolc stew.

The afternoon is a flurry of party preparations! At 4:30, I take a break for a snack. My snack consists of 8 oz. diet ginger ale, 3.8 oz. raw cabbage, .8 oz. cheddar, 2.4 oz. turkey, and 2 T. low fat Asian salad dressing (on the cabbage).

At 5:30, I start to feel weird. I think I might be dehydrated and get 12 oz. water.

We sat down to dinner at around 7:30. It was a birthday party for Lia, and for dinner, she had requested a seafood/chocolate/lollipop theme. We made it special using our best dishes and serving it in three courses. The seafood was very tempting to me, and although I ate a lot, I know that I would have eaten a lot more if I hadn't been attempting to make better choices.

For the first course I had: 1/4 c. cocktail sauce, 10 very small shrimp, 1/2 c. shrimp dip, 8 whole wheat ritz type crackers, and 1 rib of celery.

For the second course I had: 1.5 c. seafood soup and 1 small whole wheat dinner roll

For the third course I had: 1 chocolate cupcake with chocolate - vanilla swirl icing and 8 ounces of vanilla milk shake

After dinner, I had 12 ounces of water.


Calories - 2477
Fat - 119 grams
Carbs - 190 grams
Protein - 175 grams

Nutrition Score - 84 (B)

Exercise - none in particular although I was active most of the day

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