Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 2

Today, I got up at my usual 7:15, but I didn't manage to sit down to "breakfast" until 8:15. I am still cleaning up from a couple of days without hot water (frozen hot water pipes), and laundry is backed up, and today is a holiday so I am jumping around a bit trying to get everything done and excited and trying to relax too all at the same time.

Anyways, I am not even having a real breakfast. I am not very hungry so I have a smaller banana (3.8 ounces of fruit) and a cup of coffee. Looking at my nutrition stats yesterday, I feel that I am eating too many saturated fats, so I think next week I will pick up a gallon of 1% milk even if I only use it for coffee. Today I am having 12 oz. coffee, 1 oz. 2% milk, and 1 packet aspartame based sweetener.

I am using the Diet Power 4.4 computer software to track my food. It is a free trial version, but I may choose to buy it if I like it well enough. So far, I like it. It is very easy to use and has a few cool features. My favorite feature is that you can customize your daily nutrition goals. (You can customize pretty much everything!) This means that if Diana was using this program and wanted to try out a 6/12/12 carb pattern or a 15/30/15 carb pattern or a 6/30/15 carb pattern or whatever, the program could very easily be customized to make those her goals, and it would give her customized feedback about what she should eat based on those goals. (And it also takes into consideration the foods that you have eaten, assuming that you have those foods around regularly and like them.)

One thing that I don't like about the software is that for a lot of foods it doesn't seem to have enough different ways to measure your entry. They may give equivalents (for example only allow you to enter something in cups but say that 1 cup = 5.2 ounces), but that involves a lot of calculator usage on my part, and I would rather the process was simpler. (Most of the online programs offer more options in measuring.) As my regular readers know, I prefer to measure on the scale in ounces or grams. This is way more accurate than measuring by volume, and if you are consistently measuring wrong by volume (which is highly likely), you are not going to get the results you expect. I have been studying physics along with my partner Diana who is working towards a masters degree in science education, and I have become friends with my calculator from that so this converting volume to weight is like an extension of that, and for now, I am willing to go with it. (If Ant's programming skills were better I would see if we could develop a better program. Maybe some day...)

At 11:00, I set about getting Diana some brunch, and I was hungry and thirsty so I made myself 2 slices of center cut bacon (.3 oz. total after cooking), 2 large eggs scrambled in 1 tsp. butter, and 12 oz. water.

At 1:00, I don't really have the time to start lunch yet, and I am too busy to be hungry, but I do pour myself another cup of 12 oz. water.

At 1:30, I get around to getting myself some lunch: 1 c. leftover whole wheat rotini and 1.5 c. leftover spaghetti sauce soup.

At 3:00, I get myself another 12 oz. of water. Stupid thirst!

Next we went to Rice Creek Field Station to look for signs of spring. It mostly looked wintry, but we did see green grass and a small cluster of snowdrop buds near the exit. (It is the usual first place that we see them so we were not too surprised.) Although I moved around a bit, it wasn't enough extra for me to really consider it exercise.

We got home at about 5:00, and I was feeling quite hungry. I had 1/2 c. of frozen unsweetened blueberries and 3 oz. of honey smoked turkey breast deli meat.

At 6:30, thirst strikes again! Twelve more ounces of water it is!

Dinner is once again on the late side. Our Imbolc feast starts at around 8:30. I have 1.5 cups of Imbolc Stew (made with lamb, beef, lots of carrots, lots of onions, a few potatoes, and a little celery and parsley for seasoning), a 2.1 oz. slice of homemade four seed bread, 8 oz. diet gingerale, and to finish it all off a Groundhog's Day cup cake (cup cake with 1/2 an Almond Joy bar on it decorated to look like a groundhog) with a cup of Candy Cane Lane tea (green tea with peppermint and vanilla).


Morning Snack - banana & coffee
Breakfast - 2 eggs scrambled, 2 slices bacon
Lunch - 1 cup whole wheat rotini with 1.5 cups spaghetti sauce soup
Afternoon Snack - 3 oz. deli turkey, 1/2 cup blueberries
Dinner - 1.5 cups lamb stew, 1 slice four seed bread, 1 cupcake

Calories - 1970
Fat - 86 grams
Carbs - 194 grams
Protein - 119 grams

Exercise - none

Nutrition Score - 69 (due to too many saturated fats and too much sugar)

I still did fairly good though. Especially for a holiday. I actually stayed under the calorie budget that diet power gave me for today, and I have calories in my "calorie bank!"

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Emma said...

It would be fairly easy to create a program that could automatically convert the volume to weight for you.... Tell Antonio to learn VisualBasic.net programming. :P