Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Daily Summary

8:45 Breakfast - 3.6 oz. ham cooked in 1 tsp. butter, 1.1 oz. pepper relish chips, 1/2 navel orange, 12 oz. coffee with 1 tbsp. heavy cream & 1 packet aspartame

11:45 Beverage - 12 oz. coffee with 1 tbsp. heavy cream & 1 packet aspartame

3:15 Lunch - 6 inch turkey sub at Subway on honey oat bread with tomatoes, onion, green peppers, cucumbers, pickles, a little lettuce, and sweet onion sauce; 20 oz. diet cola

6:00 Snack - 1.1 oz. turkey nuggets (dried turkey like beef jerky), .8 oz. pork rinds, 12 oz. Diet Dr. Thunder

8:00 Dinner - 2 biscuits, 6.3 oz. turkey salad (turkey & miracle whip), .7 oz. carrot sticks, 12 oz. diet birch beer

Exercise - 14 minutes light snow shoveling (although it was heavy wet snow so it may be more than *light*; I call it light if I am not moving fast; all snow shoveling is aerobic for me)

I also walked over a mile hanging out while waiting for our van to get a new windshield. I am not counting it as extra exercise though because I didn't really pay attention to how long it took or how fast I went. I did reach an aerobic level at some points though.


Calories - 2053
Fat - 98.1 grams
Carbs - 171 grams
Protein - 124 grams

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