Thursday, February 11, 2010

Busy Day before the Weekend!

Today I am somewhat in a hurry because there is a lot to be done. At the same time, my slogan, "never hurry, never wait" (yes from Anne McCaffrey) is playing through my mind so I am breathing deeply and moving from one activity to the next. I had a quick breakfast at 7:45 of 4 mini quiches and a cup of coffee with 1/2 a c. of 2% milk.

At 10:45, I have another cup of coffee (8 oz.) with 4 oz. 2% milk and 4.9 oz. triple berry blend.

We are out and about shopping and errand running and taking photos for much of the day today, and I somehow miss lunch, but on the way home from the store at around 4:00 I have a 46g package of salted peanuts.

I eat "lunch" at 5:00. I have a .4 oz. slice of very thinly sliced whole wheat bread, 4.2 oz. turkey, .7 oz. smoked swiss, and 4.7 oz. of peach.

Dinner was at 8:00 I think! I had two pieces of stuffed chicken breast and 4.3 oz. brussel sprouts with 1 tbsp. of Italian dressing on them. I also had 12 oz. diet birch beer and 12 oz. water.


Calories - 1800 (yes exactly lol)
Fat - 96.1 grams
Carbs - 111 grams
Protein - 133 grams

Exercise - none dedicated but I was very active while shopping!

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