Sunday, February 28, 2010

Random Weigh-In

Today I weighed 293.6. This is the lowest that I have weighed in at least 2 years.

Then I proceeded to have the fourth day of my extra busy extra long weekend, so I don't have any more to write here! Tomorrow is the last day of my super busy extra long weekend. It is also the day that Diana starts diet power, and that I do my progress check. I am excited to see how I have done!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Two Days, No Post

This is a very busy extended weekend, and I have been going full speed since Thursday! I am not sure how much I can write today, but I will try to write something.

Here it is 7:00 p.m., and I am writing something. Today I attended a surprise birthday party for my mom, and it was fun and included a lot of tasty food although some of it was slanted in a healthy direction. Now that all is said and done though, my calories are pretty high at 2253, and I think I am going to have some warm strawberries for dessert so I think they will be just a little bit higher for the day.

It would be easy to beat myself up for eating too much, but I am not going to because the truth is that in the past I would have eaten a LOT more. I also limited carb rich foods to 1/2 a cup of macaroni and cheese, and 1/2 a piece of cake. I would have had a whole piece of cake in the past and maybe a second whole piece, and probably seconds on the macaroni and cheese, and definitely bread too!

After I have my strawberries (and maybe a calcium pill if I have need), I will put a summary here!


Calories - 2326
Fat - 138 grams
Carbs - 144 grams
Protein - 133 grams

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Weekly Summary - Third Week


Calories - 2122
Fat - 112 grams
Carbs - 157 grams
Protein - 133 grams

Need more - mono-unsaturated fats, potassium, fiber, iron, Vitamin E, and probably protein if I am going to stay at the higher calorie level

Need less - cholesterol and sodium (these two goals seem nearly impossible at this point though!)

Ending Weight - 294.6 lbs.

Next week I will be testing my sugar! Wish me luck!

Daily Summary

8:45 Breakfast - 3.6 oz. ham cooked in 1 tsp. butter, 1.1 oz. pepper relish chips, 1/2 navel orange, 12 oz. coffee with 1 tbsp. heavy cream & 1 packet aspartame

11:45 Beverage - 12 oz. coffee with 1 tbsp. heavy cream & 1 packet aspartame

3:15 Lunch - 6 inch turkey sub at Subway on honey oat bread with tomatoes, onion, green peppers, cucumbers, pickles, a little lettuce, and sweet onion sauce; 20 oz. diet cola

6:00 Snack - 1.1 oz. turkey nuggets (dried turkey like beef jerky), .8 oz. pork rinds, 12 oz. Diet Dr. Thunder

8:00 Dinner - 2 biscuits, 6.3 oz. turkey salad (turkey & miracle whip), .7 oz. carrot sticks, 12 oz. diet birch beer

Exercise - 14 minutes light snow shoveling (although it was heavy wet snow so it may be more than *light*; I call it light if I am not moving fast; all snow shoveling is aerobic for me)

I also walked over a mile hanging out while waiting for our van to get a new windshield. I am not counting it as extra exercise though because I didn't really pay attention to how long it took or how fast I went. I did reach an aerobic level at some points though.


Calories - 2053
Fat - 98.1 grams
Carbs - 171 grams
Protein - 124 grams

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Low Carb

Yesterday I talked a little bit about my partner Diana and her dietary needs. Diana is using a low carb diet to control her diabetes. Eighty-five carbs a day is a moderate low carb diet. Some people need to drop to a 50 carb a day (10-20-20) diet or even a 30 carb a day (6-12-12) diet to control their type 2 diabetes without the help of medication. These diets are not the "typical American diet" and can be very difficult to maintain without commitment to good health.

How does a low carb diet look? Well at 85 carbs (10-40-15-20), here is a typical day's food that Diana might consume:

Breakfast - an omelet consisting of 2 eggs (0), 6 sliced mushrooms (3), 2 tbsp. chopped onion (2), & 2 oz. cheddar (1) cooked in 1 tsp. butter (0), 2 oz. ham on the side (0), 12 oz. coffee (0) with 2 tbsp. heavy cream (1), 1 tbsp. sugar-free chocolate syrup (3), & 1 tsp. Splenda (0)

Lunch - sandwich consisting of 2 slices of multi-grain "light" bread (18), 3 oz. smoked turkey (0), 1 oz. smoked cheddar (0), lettuce (1), tomatoes (1), & 1 tbsp. Miracle Whip (4); 8 baby carrots (9) with 1 tbsp. ranch dressing (1); 8 black olives (4) & 8 green olives (0); 1 oz. beef jerky (1); 16 oz. ice tea (1)

Snack - 2 oz. assorted cheeses (3), 4 pistachio crisps (4), 1/2 orange (8)

Dinner - 6 oz. salmon (0) sauteed in 1 tbsp. butter (0); 1 c. brussel sprouts (13) with 1 tsp. butter (0); salad of 3 oz. salad mix (4) & 1/8 of a tomato (1), with 2 tbsp. ranch dressing (2)

In comparison, a typical healthy American diet will contains about 300 grams of carbohydrate. I have been averaging about 155 carbs a day since I have switched my eating, just about half of what I would normally be eating.

What if Diana is not able to meet her health needs with the 85 carbs a day diet? Is there any other option than cutting back carbs further or taking medication? Yes, there is! She could commit to more exercise. She could choose to stick to the 85 carbs but to select only from those with a low hypo-glycemic load. She could even decide to switch to the ADA recommended diet with its strict calorie limitations in the hope that a rapid weight loss would fix everything (and there is a good chance it could.) It is always good to be aware of your options when you are dealing with health problems. It is good to know that you are not a slave to your illness, and if you keep looking and working towards a solution, you are eventually going to find the one that is right for you!

Now back to me! Here is my summary for the day.


9:15 Breakfast - 2 slices of very thin whole wheat bread (1 oz.) with 2 tsp. butter; 2 large eggs with 1 slice American cheese food (3/4 oz.); 1 maple heat & serve sausage patty (1.6 oz.); 12 oz. coffee with 1 tbsp. heavy cream & 1 packet aspartame

11:00 Beverage - 12 oz. Candy Cane Lane tea (decaf green tea with peppermint & vanilla)

1:30 Snack - 12 oz. Candy Cane Lane tea, 1/4 c. mixed nuts (1.3 oz.)

2:00 Lunch - 12.3 oz. turkey gumbo, 12 oz. water

4:00 Snack - 1.1 oz. pepper relish potato chips

7:00 Dinner - 2 small pieces salmon (8.3 oz.) sauteed in 2 tsp. butter, 1 bowl mixed veggies (8.4 oz.) 1/2 navel orange, 3 small pieces chocolate candy (1.7 oz.), & 12 oz. diet birch beer

Calories - 1929
Fat - 121 grams
Carbs - 123 grams
Protein - 101 grams

Monday, February 22, 2010


Here is an article about a research study that found a correlation between happiness and expression of positive emotions, and a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

One thing of particular interest to me was that those with a general positive outlook who regularly expressed happiness, joy, contentment, and enthusiasm still had the decrease in cardiovascular problems even if they also exhibited some symptoms of depression. (I would fall into this group.)


Diana is my partner, and she was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in November 2007. She has tried many methods of controlling her blood glucose levels, but nothing has been very successful. We both feel that it is time to take stronger action to get her blood glucose levels under control. We have seen first hand the devastation that uncontrolled diabetes can cause, and it is time to do better now that we might have a better future.

This month has been my time to work on those things that I need to work on and to take my own demons firmly in hand. Starting next month, I will be adding Diana to the Diet Power program and be helping her with hers. I have some concerns, but I am her partner, and we can work it out together. I think we both know that it is time. Diana will be aiming for 85 carbs per day with no more than 10 at breakfast, 40 at lunch, 15 at afternoon snack, and 20 at dinner with carbs carrying over to the next meal but not carrying over to the next day (because that is just not how diabetes works.)


9:45 Breakfast - 4.8 oz. whole wheat rotini with 1.9 oz. tomato paste, 1.7 oz. pizza sauce, 1.2 oz. mozzarella, and 1 t. parmesan; 12 oz. coffee with 1 tbsp. heavy cream and 1 packet aspartame

12:00 Snack - 7.2 oz. turkey, 12 oz. coffee with 1 tbsp. heavy cream and 1 packet aspartame

2:00 Snack - .7 oz. deluxe mixed nuts (the kind without peanuts), 12 oz. Diet Dr. Thunder (store brand Dr. Pepper)

4:45 Snack - 2 Golden Double Stuf Oreos & 1 oz. Pepper Relish Potato Chips

8:45 Dinner - veggie bowl (8.2 oz. brussel sprouts, 6.8 oz. corn, 1 tsp. butter), 2 slices very thin whole wheat toast (1.7 oz.) with 2 tsp. butter, 3.2 oz. ham, 2.2 oz. tomato, 12 oz. Diet Dr. Thunder, 5.5 oz. V8 Juice

Calories - 1898
Fat - 79. 4 grams
Carbs - 186 grams
Protein - 129 grams

Sunday, February 21, 2010

What's Different?

One thing I have been meaning to talk about is just what things have changed in my diet. I don't know exactly both because I don't have a "before" record to look at and because I am not the type of person to eat the same thing day after day.

I estimate that I am eating about 1000 fewer calories per day than I did before and that I have cut my carbs in half. That is a lot, but I am not sure it is enough. I would like to see myself getting in more regular exercise. (I am so hoping for an early spring!) Of course, I would like to see a reduction in saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium. Right now though, I am happy with the reduction in calories and carbs. I feel it is all I can do without really stressing myself out. I will see how my totals look at the end of the month and go from there.


Calories - 1972
Fat - 120 grams
Carbs - 134 grams
Protein - 103 grams

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Weight and stuff...

It feels like it is a day to get back on track, but with the girls away and Benji here, I am not sure where the track is!

My computer was free this morning, and I did not start the day off with my housework as usual but checked a few things online. (Usually Es is on my computer in the early mornings.) I know that I am partially delaying my housework because somehow or other, my kitchen has gotten very messy! (I don't know how this happens in less than a day!) I got distracted and am now having breakfast at 8:45. It is a Lemon Zest Luna Bar and 12 oz. water. I will make coffee in a few minutes.

A word about weight. When I started this better choice program at the beginning of the month, I did not have access to a working scale that I could weigh myself on. The last time I had weighed myself had been a few months earlier and my weight had been bouncing up and down between 306 and 316. When I started using the Diet Power program, I chose to use 320 as my starting weight because I was quite sure that didn't weigh more than that, and I was also quite sure that my weight was closer to 316 than to 306 (and perhaps a little bit higher) because I had really eaten a lot of calories during the holiday season, and my exercise had been minimal. Diet Power uses your daily weight to constantly adjust your calorie budget to meet your weight loss goal. I have my programmed weight loss goal to be 164 by 2/1/2012. (That would require a weight loss of 1.5 lbs. a week from 320 on 2/1/2010.)

To begin with, I was entering 320 as my weight every day so Diet Power was dropping my calorie allowance each day which was quite annoying. Now the opposite is happening. Today I only weighed 295, and my calorie allowance has jumped to 4045. In addition to that, any calories that you have left over go into your "calorie bank" at the end of the day so that you can use them on special occasion. I now have 8105. I do not intend to eat this much ever! I thought it may be interesting to others who are planning on using Diet Power to see how it works though. I think you really need to use the calorie suggestions with a grain of salt and instead gauge your food intake on your own personal hunger. I do not think I would continue losing weight if I ate 4045 calories a day, but I do know that if I listed weight gains Diet Power would quickly lower my calorie budget to a more reasonable level. It is also important to note that a one day loss or gain doesn't change much, there has to be a clear pattern.

I plan on adjusting my weight loss goal to more accurately reflect my weight and progress at the beginning of each month until I am happy with it.

At 10:00, I have 12 oz. water. I am very dry feeling although not exactly thirsty. It is probably due to still having a cold.

At 11:00, I have what I consider my "morning snack." It consists of 7.4 oz. leftover beef and broccoli and a 12 oz. mug of coffee with 1 tbsp. heavy cream and 1 packet aspartame based sweetener. I am slow drinking my coffee, and it gets cold so I freshen it up with another 6 oz. at noon.

We take Benji and Ant to the Chinese Buffet for lunch just sliding in before 2:00 when the price doubles! I am so careful with my choices but still include some "luxury items." I have two plates. The first plate includes a small mound of that surimi stuff they have at Chinese buffets where it is mixed with cream cheese and onions and maybe some other tasty things and baked, three pieces of three different types of chicken (each just a mouthful), 1/4 c. each of cauliflower, broccoli, and green beens, 1/2 c. of small shrimp with no sauce, 3 small stuffed mushrooms, 1 crab rangoon, and 1 fried cheese stick. My second plate contained one piece of pork teriyaki on a stick and a salad I like to make with a little iceberg lettuce on the bottom, a little rotini on that, a little tomato-cucumber salad on that, and a bit more crab salad on that. Yum! I ate a lot of calories, but definitely fewer and with more nutrition than I would usually eat at the Chinese buffet.

I am still so dry and not well so at 6:00, I have a cup of hot tea.

And then I get distracted and busy, and do eat dinner of course, but don't have time or energy to write about it tonight! Rest assured, it has all been entered into Diet Power, and I will be back tomorrow!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Busier and Busier!

I was up at about 6:00 today. I can never sleep well when I have a cold. I had a Lemon Zest Luna bar, a calcium/Vitamin D supplement, and 12 oz. coffee with 2 tbsp. cream and a packet of aspartame based sweetener. I accidentally put in the second tablespoon of cream, but I decided to go with it. It has been quite awhile since I had really creamy coffee.

At about 10:30, I have another cup of coffee (only 1 tbsp. cream this time) and another Luna bar. It is almost time to go, and I don't have time for anything more substantial. I really feel good when I eat the Luna bars though. They have a good balance of fat, carbs, and protein, the carbs are low on the hypoglycemic index, and they are enriched with things that I actually don't usually get enough of (namely iron and Vitamin E). Eating two of them along with two calcium pills practically takes care of my nutrition needs for the day!

Then we head out and about, and things get even busier! At about noon, I have a bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper. Then I don't eat again until around 4:30 or so when I have 1 plain hard taco and 1 plain soft taco at Taco Bell in the mall for a very late lunch. I wasn't 100% sure which was better for me, but I was leaning towards the hard (thinking whole grain and the shell is smaller than the soft wheat tortilla). I was right! The hard taco has 40 fewer calories, 8 fewer carbs, and exactly the same amount of fat as the soft taco.

We were exhausted heading home. (We had stopped at a lot of locations and been out with a 6 month old baby for about 6 hours.) We had thought that we might stop and have dinner at the Chinese buffet. We had been hoping to treat Ant this weekend because all of his sisters are at a weekend slumber party. Also with our big family, it is cheaper to eat out if some people are doing something else fun. Benji wasn't happy on the way home though, and we weren't sure if he was up for a restaurant so we decided to postpone that until tomorrow.

For dinner, I made myself a quick "deli plate" at home with 1.3 oz. whole wheat bread, 2 tsp. butter, .75 oz. American cheese food, 1.7 oz. tomato, 1.6 oz. havarti, .9 oz. smoked cheddar, 1 t. mayo, 1 oz. ham, 1 oz. roast beef, .9 oz. green olives, 4.1 oz. slices apple heated in the microwave and sprinkled with 1/4 tsp. cinnamon and 1 packet of aspartame based sweetener. I also had a mug of Candy Cane Lane tea.


Calories - 1848
Fat - 101 grams
Carbs - 140 grams
Protein - 107 grams

Now for bed!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Still Sick

I haven't been writing here today. I still have a cold. I am still staying very active, but it is hard when you are sick to do a lot of things and stay with it. Today this blog was went by the wayside although I did put all of my food into the Diet Power program.

I also shoveled snow for over half an hour, did tons of laundry, cooked, and washed dishes. Oh! I can't forget to mention the shopping trip that involved stopping at three stores and writing the list for that shopping trip.

Anyways, hopefully tomorrow it will be back to the regularly scheduled programming (although tomorrow is going to be quite busy too!)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Still Sick

I still have a cold. OK, I know colds usually last more than one day.

In brief, I had breakfast at about 8:00. I had a piece of leftover Valentine's pizza and my usual coffee with 1 tbsp. cream and 1 packet aspartame based sweetener.

At 11:30, I have 3.2 oz. turkey and another cup of coffee prepared the same way.

At 1:45, I have 1 c. spaghetti sauce soup (13 oz.), 1 oz. potato chips, and 12 oz. water.

In the afternoon, I go out and shovel snow for 40 minutes. I decide to go out even though I have a cold because it has been snowing heavy all day, and the parts that the kids shoveled in the morning need to be re-shoveled! JoAnn goes out with me, and we get the job done. I am glad I went because the cold air is always good for me when I have a cold and a bit of exercise too. It was fun in spite of the sleet.

When I come inside at about 4:00, I have about 6 oz. of turkey and 12 oz. of hot candy cane lane tea.

At 7:00, I have another cup of that tea. Tea is good when you have a cold.

At 8:00, I have dinner of 4 Chicken Bundles (pieces of chicken seasoned and wrapped in bacon then baked). I have 12 oz. water with that.

At 9:45, I finish up my day with a cup of coconut thai tea. (Yes, we collect a lot of teas!)


Calories - 2153
Fat - 103 grams
Carbs - 118 grams
Protein - 194 grams

Exercise - 40 minutes of light snow shoveling

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Sorry about the no official post yesterday! It was such a long "out and about" sort of day, and then after I entered all of my foods into Diet Power (and it was after midnight) writing much of anything here seemed just too much!

Today I got up at 7:15 and ate breakfast at about 8:30. I had 3.4 oz. shrimp (leftover from make your own pizza night and a red pear (8 oz.). I also had 12 oz. of coffee with 1 tbsp. heavy cream and 1 packet aspartame based sweetener in it.

At 11:30, I had a snack of 1/2 c. spaghetti sauce soup (5.2 oz.) and 12 oz. water and my calcium/Vitamin D supplement.

Lunch at 1:00 is a leftover piece of my Valentine's pizza (instead of eating the whole thing on Valentine's Day I only ate 1/4) and 5.6 oz. of leftover brussel sprouts. We have a lot of leftovers! I also have a cup of sugar cookie sleigh ride herbal tea.

At 4:45, I have a snack of 1/2 c. spaghetti sauce soup (5.8 oz.), 12 oz. water, and 12 oz. candy cane lane tea.

I make gumbo for dinner, but I am not really hungry because I have a cold! I make myself a cup of roibos tea. It is a new kind with vanilla. I mostly don't like vanilla teas, but I thought I would try this one. It is not good enough to drink straight, but it is OK with a packet of aspartame sweetener in it.

At 9:00, I have 2 c. of turkey gumbo (19.9 oz.) and 12 oz. diet green apple soda.


Calories - 1424
Fat - 66 grams
Carbs - 143 grams
Protein - 84.6 grams

Today...or should I say yesterday?

It has been a very busy day, and although I have updated Diet Power I really don't have time for a detailed update here tonight! Tomorrow it will be back to my regularly scheduled programming.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekly Summary - Second Week

Averages -

Calories - 2011
Fat - 118 grams
Carbs - 142 grams
Protein - 111 grams

Nutrition Score - 80 (B)

Things I should get less of: saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium.

Thing I should get more of: potassium, fiber, iron, Vitamin E, thiamin, folate, and magnesium.

Way to go to me for reaching my goal for less sugar (achieved by sometimes just saying no to dessert). Way to go to me for getting enough calcium and Vitamin D (first through milk, then through supplements).

Things to think about this week: possibly supplementing with Vitamin E and get more fiber with more whole grain and more veggies! Also make exercise more of a priority!


Days - 1
Minutes - 15
Calories Burned - 42 (probably actually more because Diet Power does not take weight into consideration)

Sunday, February 14, 2010


I forgot to include my supplements yesterday. We have gotten some tax return money in the mail, and I am back on the Calcium/Vitamin D supplements again. I am very excited to have this option, and I don't have to worry so much about trying to get milk anymore. (It is odd that we *just* bought the 1% milk though. I almost feel guilty, but if I don't use it the rest of the family will.)

I have one worry about the supplement though. I use a supplement that gives me adequate calcium for PMDD and enough Vitamin D to make sure that it is utilized well (and since inadequate Vitamin D has now been linked to other health problems that is even better.) The problem is that the particular supplement I have been using also contains some other minerals. I never really thought much about it before. I assumed that they were minerals that most people didn't get enough of. The truth is that I have seen from my diet program that I usually get 200% of the USRDA for manganese every day, and my daily dose of pills contains another 180%. Now, I can somewhat understand why manganese is in the supplement. Manganese is important for proper bone development, and the primary reason people take calcium supplements is worry about osteoporosis. That is not why I take it though! Also lots of people do not get enough diversity of fruits and vegetables in their diets. I do though (on average).

This has led me to do some research on manganese (especially since the Diet Power program keeps warning me that I am getting too much!) The first thing I found out was that some people can experience the symptoms of a manganese overdose at as low as 400% the USRDA. I have not reached that, but I have approached it. The symptoms of too much manganese include laughing, slurred speech, hand tremors, and an immobile facial expression. I do have hand tremors on occasion so these symptoms worried me. Then I did more indepth research.

I find out that the USRDA for this mineral is a very new thing! It is also is on the shaky side of just how accurate it is. I also find out that the needs for manganese for perimenopausal women (like myself) tends to be greater than other parts of the population with the exception of pregnant women and women who are trying to get pregnant. Manganese supplementation in perimenopausal women has been associated with decreased tiredness, decreased irritability, improvements in memory, and improvements in muscle reflex speed. These are all very good things. So for now, I am going to continue with the supplement that I have used in the past, but I will be watching for those symptoms of overdose just to be safe!

This morning, I weighed 297.2 lbs. I was so excited to be under the 300 lbs. mark. Now I am just hoping the my blood sugar is also going down. I will be testing it first thing in the morning on March 1. Since this plan seems to be working in other ways, I am so hoping that it will also lower my blood sugar.

I didn't get myself breakfast until 10:15, and I had 4.8 oz. strawberries, 3.1 oz. banana, .9 oz gouda, .3 oz. bacon, 1.8 oz. tomato, .8 oz. swiss, and 2.6 oz. turkey. I had 12 oz. coffee to drink with 1 tbsp. heavy cream and 1 packet of aspartame based sweetener, and I had 1 calcium/Vitamin D supplement.

At 11:45, I am thirsty, and I drink 12 oz. water.

At 1:00, I am not hungry for lunch yet, but I am still thirsty so I drink another 12 oz. water.

At 3:15, I am hungry! For lunch, I have 13.3 oz. of leftover spaghetti sauce soup and a 5.5 oz. can of V8 juice. I also have another 12 oz. water.

Then a little more than an hour later at 4:30, I realized I was still pretty hungry, and it would still be a long time until dinner so I had 1/2 of a roast beef sandwich with some gouda and some tomato on it all on just one slice of thin whole wheat bread. It had a little Miracle Whip type salad dressing on it too.

Before dinner, I had another couple of 12 oz. mugs of water.

Dinner was at about 8:30, and I had 1/4 of a medium size pizza with pepperoni, and a lot of broccoli and red peppers on it. I also had a piece of dessert pizza. This was our Valentine's feast.


Calories 2288
Fat 122 grams
Carbs 204 grams
Protein 111 grams

Exercise - none dedicated

I am tired with no time to proofread tonight!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I Have a Scale!

Yesterday we went and bought a scale. I was able to weigh myself, and this morning I weigh 300.0 lbs. That is very close to my goal for this experimental month of under 300.

Today we have a very, very busy day so I got up at 6:00. I don't think that I will have any breakfast today because I am one of those people who doesn't do well with eating too early in the morning, and we are leaving at 8:50, and I have a lot to do before then, but I am having 12 oz. coffee with a tbsp. of heavy cream and a packet of aspartame based sweetener in it.

We go to a party for lunch, and at about noon, I have 1 chocolate covered bugle, 1/2 c. macaroni and cheese, 1/3 c. of a gumbo sort of casserole with rice in it, 1/2 c. of a beef shepherd's pie, 1 c. mixed vegetables (mushrooms, carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower), 1/2 c. of mixed fruit (grapes, pineapple, and mandarin oranges), 1 c. chili, and 24 oz. diet pepsi. For me this is a very modest intake at a party.

On the way home, we stop at the grocery store, and I pick up a bag of a new flavor chip (Lay's Ranch Kettle Cooked), and in the car at about 4:30, I eat 1 oz. of them.

At home, dinner feels very late after a long day! I have 7.4 oz. of a seafood in sauce thingie and 3.7 oz. of a sugar snap pea thingie. (I am too tired to give these foods names!) I also had 24 oz. water.


Calories - 1868
Fat - 101 grams
Carbs - 148 grams
Protein - 109 grams

Exercise - none dedicated but there was a lot of walking around

Friday, February 12, 2010

More of the same...

At 7:45, I started my day with 12 oz. water. Then I had breakfast at 8:30 of 12 oz. coffee with 1 oz. heavy cream and 1 packet of aspartame based sweetener, 2 eggs, and 1.4 oz. whole wheat toast with 1 tsp. butter.

At about 10:30, I have a snack of 3.8 oz. of ham and 2/3 cup cranberry-pomegranate juice, the kind that is 100% juice.

At 4:00, I have a late lunch of 3.2 oz. of turkey, 7.3 oz. pear, and .7 oz. havarti.

Then Diana and I need to go out again, and although there is a lot of exercise, I don't think that I can count it as dedicated exercise. On our way home, I have a 20 oz. bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper.

For dinner at about 8:30, I have 17.8 oz. of spaghetti sauce soup. It has meatballs in it and is very good! I also have about 12 oz. water.


Calories - 1429
Fat - 68.2 grams
Carbs - 111 grams
Protein - 103

Exercise - none dedicated

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Busy Day before the Weekend!

Today I am somewhat in a hurry because there is a lot to be done. At the same time, my slogan, "never hurry, never wait" (yes from Anne McCaffrey) is playing through my mind so I am breathing deeply and moving from one activity to the next. I had a quick breakfast at 7:45 of 4 mini quiches and a cup of coffee with 1/2 a c. of 2% milk.

At 10:45, I have another cup of coffee (8 oz.) with 4 oz. 2% milk and 4.9 oz. triple berry blend.

We are out and about shopping and errand running and taking photos for much of the day today, and I somehow miss lunch, but on the way home from the store at around 4:00 I have a 46g package of salted peanuts.

I eat "lunch" at 5:00. I have a .4 oz. slice of very thinly sliced whole wheat bread, 4.2 oz. turkey, .7 oz. smoked swiss, and 4.7 oz. of peach.

Dinner was at 8:00 I think! I had two pieces of stuffed chicken breast and 4.3 oz. brussel sprouts with 1 tbsp. of Italian dressing on them. I also had 12 oz. diet birch beer and 12 oz. water.


Calories - 1800 (yes exactly lol)
Fat - 96.1 grams
Carbs - 111 grams
Protein - 133 grams

Exercise - none dedicated but I was very active while shopping!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 10

Today is day ten of making better choices month. Yesterday evening, in spite of eating more nutritionally sound than I had the past week, I felt somewhat bad about my food choices for the day. I felt that I had eaten too much, and I felt that I had let myself get too hungry at one point. I was having anxious feelings about the whole thing which is a bad place to be because that is when things can slide. Today I woke with a renewed fervor to see this month out making the best choices I can with no rules in place other than logging my foods and writing here. I think it might be just a wee bit easier if I had some sort of feedback at this point so I am hoping that Diana will agree to us getting a scale sometime soon that I can use to way myself.

Anyways, this morning, I was determined to choose a healthy breakfast. I got out a favorite plate and a favorite bowl and my mug (which I don't love, but I consider it mine so it will do for now.) I proceeded to fill them with things that I knew would be nutritious for my body to the best of my ability. In the bowl, I made 1 oz. of quick oats into oatmeal with 2/3 c. of water. Then I added 1 c. (140 g) of triple berry blend (frozen berries from Aldi - blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries) and 1 packet of aspartame based sweetener. I got out my small cast iron frying pan, heated it, added 1 tsp. of canola oil, and cooked two eggs in it. I put those on the small plate. Then I put 1/2 a c. of 2% milk in my mug and topped it off with coffee (about 8 or 9 oz.)

At 11:00, I do the same thing. I get out my mug and my small yellow flower plate and contemplate what I could put on them to make a snack that would be healthy and satisfying for me right then. I select 1/4 c. pecans (1 oz.) and 1/2 an avocado (2.3 oz.). I fill the mug with 12 oz. of water.

Note, whenever I refer to beverage amounts here in ounces, I mean fluid ounces. I wouldn't want anyone to be confused on that point!

Lunch isn't until 2:30, and I make myself a tuna salad consisting of 2.8 oz. of tuna, 1 t. of chopped onion, .9 oz. chopped celery, .9 oz. crumbled blue cheese, and 2 tbsp. of mayonnaise. I eat this with 8.8 oz. of canned green beans and .8 oz. of cheese crackers. My beverage is 12 oz. water.

At 4:00, Diana and I go for a walk. It is very cold and windy, and there is some ice and snow on the edge of the street so walking isn't completely easy although the streets themselves are not slippery. We walk in the direction that we have some downhill there and some uphill coming back. It was enough uphill to get me out of breath. We only walked for 15 minutes about 1/2 a mile, but it was *some* exercise, and it is very good for me to be outside. Matter of fact, I may go back out. OK probably not because I feel like I have a *lot* of things left to do today, but I would like to go back out.

At 6:30, I am only starting dinner so I grabbed 1 oz. of beef jerky and 5 oz. of diet ginger ale to hold me over. I notice that the package of beef jerky says that it contains 70 calories and 1 gram of fat, but the generic beef jerky entry on the Diet Power program says that 1 oz. of beef jerky has 153 calories and 13.9 grams of fat. That is a pretty big discrepancy!

I somehow end up not actually eating my dinner until 9:00! I have a small chicken breast (4.6 oz.) cooked in 1 tsp. canola oil topped with 1/4 c. spaghetti sauce and .7 oz. smoked swiss cheese, a large serving of coleslaw, and for dessert 3.4 oz. frozen strawberries. I have 12 oz. candy cane lane tea to drink.

Once again my Vitamin D is very low. I think I am eating too much too although I am still in the weight loss range for my weight according to Diet Power.


Calories - 2235
Fat - 144 grams
Carbs - 135 grams
Protein - 116 grams

Exercise - 15 minutes walking at 2 mph

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Making Good Changes

As I contemplated breakfast today, I decided to try a new tactic. I had some whole grain cereal (1 c. cheerio type cereal) and 1/2 c. of 2% milk (still need to get that 1% milk) as well as another 1/2 c. 2% milk with 8 oz. of coffee. I am worried that it won't be enough fat and protein to keep my not hungry until lunch, but it doesn't have to be! I can eat more in a couple of hours if I need to.

For a snack at 11:00, I have 4 mini quiches and 12 oz. water.

At 2:00, I have lunch consisting of a 1 oz. slice of seedless rye bread topped with 2.8 oz. of tuna mixed with 2 tbsp. of mayonnaise, and 2 c. of leftover roasted vegetables. I also have 12 oz. of diet birch beer.

At 4:30, I have 12 oz. of water.

At about 8:00, I have dinner. It is a sort of make your own dinner tonight only I actually do most of the making, but everyone picks the things that they like. I have another 2 c. of the leftover roasted veggies (so good), 1 slice of rye bread topped with 1 oz. of cream cheese and 2.2 oz. surimi, and on the side, .8 oz. smoked cheddar, .6 oz. smoked swiss, and 3 oz. smoked turkey, and one cube of fresh pineapple. It was late, and I was hungry!

I have definitely eaten better today. I am over 90% of RDA for all the important nutrients. I also kept my sodium in check. I still need to work on the saturated fat but hopefully that will come. I have decided to not post a nutrition score anymore because the algorithm that they use does not accurately affect the way I am trying to eat. (To give an example, I start with an F everyday because I obviously haven't fulfilled any of my nutritional needs.)


Calories - 2180
Fat - 143 grams
Carbs - 131 grams
Protein - 112 grams

Exercise - none dedicated although in addition to my usual movement I danced with the girls for a bit

Monday, February 8, 2010

Week 2 Begins

Up at 7:15, I am! Breakfast at 8:00, wow! It consists of 1 c. of mixed fruit (2 oz. sliced banana, 1.8 oz. fresh pineapple, 1.5 oz. frozen blueberries), an omelet (2 large eggs and .8 oz. gouda), and a cup of coffee (12 oz. coffee, 1 tbsp. heavy cream, and 1 packet aspartame based sweetener).

At noon, I have 12 oz. of water.

Lunch is at 2:30, and I have 1.5 c. leftover gumbo and 3 hush puppies. I also have 12 oz. of water.

Now I must rescind one of my criticism's of Diet Power 4.4. I had complained that for many food items I did not have the option of entering my portions by weight which is my preferred method of measuring. The truth is that for nearly all of the items there is a button labeled "enter by weight" which you can use to switch the entry window from volume to weight. I do not know how I missed this before, but I am glad that it is there!

I have a snack at 5:30 consisting of a 12 oz. mug of candy cane lane tea and 2 mini bacon-broccoli quiches.

Dinner is at 8:30 and includes a salmon wellington, 11 oz. of roasted vegetables, and 12 oz. of candy can lane tea.


calories - 2255
fat - 152 grams
carbs - 149 grams
protein - 92.3 grams

nutrition score - 72 (C)

exercise - none dedicated

Weekly Summary

Having completed a week I thought I would include some data here. The following are my averages for week one.

Calories - 1820
Fat - 90.3 grams
Carbs - 154 grams
Protein - 112 grams

Nutrition Score - 74 (C)

Things I should get less of: saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, and sugars.

Things I should get more of: potassium, fiber, calcium, iron, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and folate.

Things to think of in the upcoming week. Switch polyunsaturated fats for saturated fats, add some milk, include more whole grains, switch some veggies for fruits.

Exercise - I completed dedicated exercise two days this week. Both days the exercise was light snow shoveling. One day I shoveled for 15 minutes and one day I shoveled for 49 minutes.

Exercise totals -

days - 2
minutes - 64
calories burned - 1049

I hope to improve on these exercise totals this week!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Last Day of First Week!

Today I got up right on time at 7:15, but once again, I didn't manage to sit down to breakfast until a bit later, 9:45. I had an omelet made of 1 t. of butter, 2 eggs, and .5 oz. of gouda, a 1.4 oz. slice of whole wheat toast with 1 tsp. of butter, and 12 oz. of coffee with 1 tbsp. of heavy cream and 1 packet of aspartame based sweetener.

I have notices that the Diet Power 4.4 program lowers your calorie amount everyday that you don't report a weight loss. I think this is a good idea, but because I am not weighing myself and am just putting in the same weight every day, I wonder if eventually it will say I shouldn't eat anything! I will not find out of course because if I decide to continue on this program, I will buy a scale on which I can weigh myself.

At 12:30, I stop my activity for a snack of 1/2 c. of fresh pineapple and 1/2 c. of fresh strawberries! Yep, we splurged on fresh fruit at Aldi this week. The strawberries are only so-so, but he pineapple is so good!!! I also have a 5.5 oz. can of V8 juice and a second cup of coffee (12 oz.) with 1 tbsp. heavy cream and 1 packet of aspartame based sweetener.

After a late breakfast, I have a late lunch at 3:30. I have 1 c. of whole wheat pasta topped with 1.5 c. of left over sweet chicken chili. I also have 12 oz. of diet ginger ale.

At 4:45, I have a snack of .5 oz. of pork rinds and 1/2 c. blueberries (frozen, unsweetened).

I am thirsty and over the course of the afternoon and evening, drink 24 oz. of water.

For dinner, our original plans were to go to a Super Bowl party at Diana's mom's house and bring gumbo, but that fell through so I made gumbo for our dinner at home. Diana's mom was making shrimp fritters, and the thought of that put Diana in the mood for hush puppies so those were what I made for a side dish. I ate 1.5 c. of gumbo and 3 hush puppies. I also drank another 8 oz. of water.


calories - 1941
fat - 91.5 grams
carbs - 183 grams
protein - 110 grams

nutrition score - 81 (B)

exercise - none dedicated

Saturday, February 6, 2010

February 6, The First Week Is Almost Done

Today I slept a little late as I tend to on Saturdays and got up at 8:00. Then I jumped right into chores and didn't get around to eating breakfast until about 11:00. I had a big Saturday breakfast: .7 oz. bacon (3 small slices center cut), 1/2 c. diced frozen hashbrowns heated in 1 tbsp. butter, 2 eggs made into an omelet with 3/4 oz. American Cheese Food and 1 t. butter. I also had 12 oz. coffee w/1 tbsp. heavy cream and 1 packet of aspartame based sweetener, and a 5.5 ounce can of V-8 juice.

At 12:30, thirst drives me to drinking 12 oz. of water.

Lunch commences at 1:45. I have 11 oz. of leftover scalloped potatoes mixed with 3.9 oz. of leftover shrimp dip and 12 oz. of candy cane lane tea. It is all delicious! I feel like I have not eaten a very nutritious diet so far today though. Everything has been too decadent!

At 3:45, I have another 12 oz. water.

Dinner is a bit earlier than it has been. At 7:00, I have 8.6 oz. of canned beets with 1 tsp. of butter on them, .7 oz. of pork rinds, and a piece of salmon wellington. I also have 12 oz. diet gingerale.


breakfast: 3 small slices bacon, 1/2 c. hashbrowns, 2 egg omelet with American cheese, coffee, V8 juice
lunch: scalloped potatoes mixed with shrimp dip, tea
dinner: beets with butter, pork rinds, salmon wellington, diet gingerale

calories - 1905
fat -122 grams
carbs - 134 grams
protein - 78.9 grams

nutrition score - 70 (C)

exercise - nothing specific

Friday, February 5, 2010

'Tis the Fifth, and All Is Well

Today I got up at 7 am with much too little sleep. Our daughter Lia needed me in the night, and it seemed so did our cat Bunny. I was thinking I would want to nap sometime today (and boy, do I hate napping!) so I started right in with the things I wanted to accomplish. After a quick shower, I cleaned the bedroom mirrors and then headed outside to shovel snow! It was only light shoveling, and I was determined to shovel our whole driveway by myself. (Something I have never done before.) I shoveled for 23 minutes and then too a short break to prep coffee and make sure that Benji was OK, and then shoveled for another 26 minutes, and it was done! Forty-nine minute total! (Of course, when the snow is deep and heavy the whole thing can take much longer.)

Then I was going to have a cup of coffee at the least, but Benji needed me, and I decided to wash the dishes, and Lia got up and I talked with her a bit so by the time that I sat down with a cup of coffee it was 10:00! I have not been too hungry this morning so it has been OK. I only have 1 tsp. of heavy cream and 1 pkt. aspartame based sweetener in my coffee today (at least this cup).

At 10:47, I realized that Lia had gone back to sleep, and Benji was down for his nap, so I should get some food! I made myself a "breakfast" of 1/2 c. leftover scalloped potatoes, 6 oz. Prince Edward Island blend veggies, .7 oz. smoked cheddar cheese, and another 12 oz. of coffee with 1 tbsp (this time) heavy cream and 1 pkt. of aspartame based sweetener.

I continue with my daily activities, and at 1:45, when all of the kids are up except for Es and Benji is drowsing again, I attempt to take a nap. I sleep on and off but little things keep waking me up, and at 2:30, I get out of bed and get myself some lunch. I am trying to finish up some leftovers today so I put 1/2 c. seafood chowder, 1/2 c. imbolc stew, and 1/2 c. scalloped potatoes into a bowl and heat it for a hearty lunch. I also make myself a 12 oz. cup of candy cane lane stew. I always wake up from a nap freezing cold and craving hot, high fat food (even on hot humid days in the middle of the summer!) It is one of the reasons I don't like napping.

I am still hungry after I eat (that after nap side effect), but I just keep on truckin' and wait until 3:45 to eat again. Then I make myself another cup of that candy cane lane tea (so good!) and want something rich and creamy and full of fat! At the same time, I don't want to increase my intake of saturated fat with this snack. Nuts are out because they hurt my teeth, and I am in no mood to tolerate that right now. I briefly contemplate crackers, but they are not creamy, and I think eating a lot more carbs right now might prolong my discomfort. I notice three avocados on our counter! I had forgotten about them, and one is almost over ripe! Without guilt I eat 1/2 an avocado for my snack!

As usual, dinner was on the late side. We sat down to eat at about 8:00, and I had 1.5 c. sweet chicken chili, 1/2 c. coleslaw, and 1 small leftover whole wheat dinner roll. To drink, I had another 12 oz. of the candy cane lane tea.


morning snack - coffee w/heavy cream and sweetener
breakfast - scalloped potatoes, PEI blend veggies, smoked cheddar, more coffee
lunch - scalloped potatoes, imbolc stew, seafood chowder, tea
afternoon snack - avocado, tea
dinner - chili, coleslaw, dinner roll, tea

Calories - 1242
Fat - 55.9 grams
Carbs - 126 grams
Protein - 71.1 grams

Nutrition Score - 105 (A+)

Exercise - 49 minutes light snow shoveling

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day Four (Happy Birthday Lia!)

Today I am up to the sun at 7:15! Back on schedule feels great to me in spite of the 3 degree temperature outside and the fifty-something degree temperature inside. I turn up the heat and quickly check the water. Everything is working! I didn't realize that the temperature would fall so much last night, and I took no precautions against frozen pipes! I feel lucky.

I do my morning stuff and am ready for breakfast as usual at 8:00. I have 12 oz. coffee with 1 tbsp. heavy cream and 1 pkt. aspartame based sweetener, an omelet of 2 eggs and 3/4 oz. American cheese food cooked in 1 tsp. butter, and a 1.6 oz. slice of whole wheat toast with 1 tsp. butter. Breakfast is delicious. I am not hungry and am ready to face the day. (Somewhere in the back of my head I am thinking that I should be eating less saturated fat for breakfast, but the lower fat higher carb breakfasts tend to leave me hungry and may not be best for my diabetes so this is the best choice that I am willing to make today.)

At 10:30, I had a snack of 8 oz. water and 2.6 ounces of raw cabbage.

Next activity of the day was heading to Syracuse to pick up my grandson who will be spending a few days with us. We were gone about 3 hours (we had other errands to do to), and I got very thristy on this trip! Diana stopped at Walmart on the way home and got me a 20 oz. bottle of diet Dr. Pepper. I started drinking this at about 2:00 and continued drinking it as my beverage for lunch which I had when I got home at 2:30. Lunch was 1.5 cups of leftover imbolc stew.

The afternoon is a flurry of party preparations! At 4:30, I take a break for a snack. My snack consists of 8 oz. diet ginger ale, 3.8 oz. raw cabbage, .8 oz. cheddar, 2.4 oz. turkey, and 2 T. low fat Asian salad dressing (on the cabbage).

At 5:30, I start to feel weird. I think I might be dehydrated and get 12 oz. water.

We sat down to dinner at around 7:30. It was a birthday party for Lia, and for dinner, she had requested a seafood/chocolate/lollipop theme. We made it special using our best dishes and serving it in three courses. The seafood was very tempting to me, and although I ate a lot, I know that I would have eaten a lot more if I hadn't been attempting to make better choices.

For the first course I had: 1/4 c. cocktail sauce, 10 very small shrimp, 1/2 c. shrimp dip, 8 whole wheat ritz type crackers, and 1 rib of celery.

For the second course I had: 1.5 c. seafood soup and 1 small whole wheat dinner roll

For the third course I had: 1 chocolate cupcake with chocolate - vanilla swirl icing and 8 ounces of vanilla milk shake

After dinner, I had 12 ounces of water.


Calories - 2477
Fat - 119 grams
Carbs - 190 grams
Protein - 175 grams

Nutrition Score - 84 (B)

Exercise - none in particular although I was active most of the day

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 3 - Making Better Choices

Today I let myself sleep late. I had gotten to bed extra late last night, and I wasn't feeling very good. I don't do so well with sleeping late though so the result was that I didn't get out of bed until 11:00, and I was on the grouchy side. I do feel better rested than I have in a few days though. The grouchiness will pass. I awake from all naps on the grouchy side too.

I felt like I had lost about four hours of my life when I got up so I didn't get myself something to eat or drink right away but hopped right into doing other things. At noon, I realized that I was achy and had a half a cup of diet ginger ale with some pain relievers. Then I started cooking, but before I made food for myself, I made sure that the other members of my family had been fed. The result was that I didn't sit down to what could only be described as lunch until about 1:30. I had a cup of coffee with a tablespoon of heavy cream and a packet of aspartame based sweetener, and an omelet made from two large eggs, one teaspoon of butter, two ounces of ham, 1.3 ounces of mushrooms, 1.3 ounces of broccoli, and .6 ounces of smoked Swiss cheese. It was delicious! I am still hungry now though.

At 2:30, to assuage that hunger I have 12 ounces of water and 1/4 cup of unsweetened frozen blueberries. The blueberries taste extra delicious, and the water is extra refreshing!

Then still being hungry, I have a can of spinach at 3:00 (13.5 oz.) Once again, the spinach is so good, so warm, so filling. (Of course, canned spinach is one of my comfort food so this is not all that surprising.)

I am hungry again at 4:30, and I decide to have a real lunch: 1 cup whole wheat rotini, 2/3 cup spaghetti soup, with 1.6 ounces of fake lobster made from surimi mixed in.

Dinner is ready at 7:00. I have 3.7 oz. smoked turkey, .7 oz. gouda, 3.9 oz. four seed bread, 5.5 oz. Prince Edward Island blend (yellow and green beans and baby cut carrots) and 12 oz. diet gingerale. I finish up my evening with a mug (12 oz.) of Candy Cane Lane tea at 9:30.


breakfast - coffee, omelet with mushrooms, broccoli, ham, and smoked swiss
afternoon snack - blueberries, spinach
lunch - leftover whole wheat rotini with spaghetti sauce soup and surimi on top
dinner - four seed bread with gouda and smoked turkey, prince edward island veggie blend, diet ginger ale
evening snack - candy cane lane tea

calories - 1430
fat - 55.7 grams
carbs - 133 grams
protein - 111 grams

Nutrition Score - 120 (which is supposedly an A++)

Exercise - nothing specific

I have to note that I am not exactly sure how the nutrition score works, or if it is a very accurate way to judge what you eat. Looking over my nutrition for the day, I did eat a pretty healthy diet, and I am near 100% of the US RDA for many nutrients, but I did have twice as much cholesterol and twice as much sodium as you are suppose to have. Also I only had 1/4 of the US RDA of both vitamin D and vitamin E. Since I am at risk for heart disease, I would think that all of those values would keep me from being an A++. Hmmm...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 2

Today, I got up at my usual 7:15, but I didn't manage to sit down to "breakfast" until 8:15. I am still cleaning up from a couple of days without hot water (frozen hot water pipes), and laundry is backed up, and today is a holiday so I am jumping around a bit trying to get everything done and excited and trying to relax too all at the same time.

Anyways, I am not even having a real breakfast. I am not very hungry so I have a smaller banana (3.8 ounces of fruit) and a cup of coffee. Looking at my nutrition stats yesterday, I feel that I am eating too many saturated fats, so I think next week I will pick up a gallon of 1% milk even if I only use it for coffee. Today I am having 12 oz. coffee, 1 oz. 2% milk, and 1 packet aspartame based sweetener.

I am using the Diet Power 4.4 computer software to track my food. It is a free trial version, but I may choose to buy it if I like it well enough. So far, I like it. It is very easy to use and has a few cool features. My favorite feature is that you can customize your daily nutrition goals. (You can customize pretty much everything!) This means that if Diana was using this program and wanted to try out a 6/12/12 carb pattern or a 15/30/15 carb pattern or a 6/30/15 carb pattern or whatever, the program could very easily be customized to make those her goals, and it would give her customized feedback about what she should eat based on those goals. (And it also takes into consideration the foods that you have eaten, assuming that you have those foods around regularly and like them.)

One thing that I don't like about the software is that for a lot of foods it doesn't seem to have enough different ways to measure your entry. They may give equivalents (for example only allow you to enter something in cups but say that 1 cup = 5.2 ounces), but that involves a lot of calculator usage on my part, and I would rather the process was simpler. (Most of the online programs offer more options in measuring.) As my regular readers know, I prefer to measure on the scale in ounces or grams. This is way more accurate than measuring by volume, and if you are consistently measuring wrong by volume (which is highly likely), you are not going to get the results you expect. I have been studying physics along with my partner Diana who is working towards a masters degree in science education, and I have become friends with my calculator from that so this converting volume to weight is like an extension of that, and for now, I am willing to go with it. (If Ant's programming skills were better I would see if we could develop a better program. Maybe some day...)

At 11:00, I set about getting Diana some brunch, and I was hungry and thirsty so I made myself 2 slices of center cut bacon (.3 oz. total after cooking), 2 large eggs scrambled in 1 tsp. butter, and 12 oz. water.

At 1:00, I don't really have the time to start lunch yet, and I am too busy to be hungry, but I do pour myself another cup of 12 oz. water.

At 1:30, I get around to getting myself some lunch: 1 c. leftover whole wheat rotini and 1.5 c. leftover spaghetti sauce soup.

At 3:00, I get myself another 12 oz. of water. Stupid thirst!

Next we went to Rice Creek Field Station to look for signs of spring. It mostly looked wintry, but we did see green grass and a small cluster of snowdrop buds near the exit. (It is the usual first place that we see them so we were not too surprised.) Although I moved around a bit, it wasn't enough extra for me to really consider it exercise.

We got home at about 5:00, and I was feeling quite hungry. I had 1/2 c. of frozen unsweetened blueberries and 3 oz. of honey smoked turkey breast deli meat.

At 6:30, thirst strikes again! Twelve more ounces of water it is!

Dinner is once again on the late side. Our Imbolc feast starts at around 8:30. I have 1.5 cups of Imbolc Stew (made with lamb, beef, lots of carrots, lots of onions, a few potatoes, and a little celery and parsley for seasoning), a 2.1 oz. slice of homemade four seed bread, 8 oz. diet gingerale, and to finish it all off a Groundhog's Day cup cake (cup cake with 1/2 an Almond Joy bar on it decorated to look like a groundhog) with a cup of Candy Cane Lane tea (green tea with peppermint and vanilla).


Morning Snack - banana & coffee
Breakfast - 2 eggs scrambled, 2 slices bacon
Lunch - 1 cup whole wheat rotini with 1.5 cups spaghetti sauce soup
Afternoon Snack - 3 oz. deli turkey, 1/2 cup blueberries
Dinner - 1.5 cups lamb stew, 1 slice four seed bread, 1 cupcake

Calories - 1970
Fat - 86 grams
Carbs - 194 grams
Protein - 119 grams

Exercise - none

Nutrition Score - 69 (due to too many saturated fats and too much sugar)

I still did fairly good though. Especially for a holiday. I actually stayed under the calorie budget that diet power gave me for today, and I have calories in my "calorie bank!"

Monday, February 1, 2010

Diet Today

Today was not a typical day for me. Usually I get up at about 7:00 and help Diana get ready for work and then eat breakfast when she leaves at about 8:00, or I get up at about 7:15, take a shower and start the laundry, and then eat breakfast at about 8:00. Today Diana had jury duty. She had to be there at 9:30. So I got up at 7:15, packed her lunch, started laundry, and then at 8 when I am usually eating it was time to get her up and help her get ready to go. I didn't want to go another hour without eating because I was hungry and wanted to start the day out right. So I pour 1/2 a cup of frozen unsweetened blueberries into one bowl, a quarter cup each of raw almonds and pecans into another bowl, and 12 oz. water into a mug, and I snacked and sipped while helping her and continuing beyond. Nuts are rather difficult for me to eat because I have teeth problems so I wasn't done with that snack until 9:30. I was still thirsty then so I got another 8 oz. of water and drank it.

At about 10:30, I had some time to eat something hot, and I was quite chilly so it seemed a good idea. I sauteed a 4.3 ounce salmon fillet in 2 tsp. olive oil. I did salt and pepper it lightly. It was chum salmon, wild caught. I also had 12 oz. coffee that I had brewed myself with 1 tsp. heavy cream and 1 pkt. aspartame type sweetener added to it. I felt a little bit guilty about the heavy cream, and it was only 1 tsp.! I can't let myself be too didactic about this, or it will never work! I was thirsty after the coffee and salmon so I had another 12 oz. water.

At 1:00, I am feeling ravenously hungry! I think this is due to the change in eating. I have bowl containing 1/2 c. frozen peas, 1/2 c. left over whole wheat rotini, and 3 oz. of leftover ham chopped and mixed. The ham was originally roasted with a light glaze. I also have another cup of coffee, this one "au lait." I use 1/2 c. 2% milk, 8 oz. coffee, and 1 pkt. aspartame based sweetener. The food tastes so good!

At 2:30, I head outside for some exercise. My exercise of choice lately has been snow shoveling. It use to be the kids did all the snow shoveling, and I would be walking on the street, but I would so much rather be doing something useful. (Especially in the winter, when the weather is not so enjoyable.) So I did some light snow shoveling for 15 minutes. I would rather exercise longer, but today I have a lot of things to accomplish!

The next part of my day involved a lot of grocery shopping! I could probably count that as exercise, but I am not going to because it is just a regular part of my routine. It is also traditional that whoever does the shopping gets a treat at the end of the trip. Keeping in mind that I was making healthier choices, for my treat I had two pieces of reduced fat string cheese and a 1 L bottle of apricot peach sparking water (calorie and sodium free.) That is a lot of fluid, but I have been very thirsty lately. Hopefully that will moderate soon. The string cheese was eaten at about 6:00, and the water was started at 6:00 and continued on as my beverage for dinner.

Dinner took awhile for me to make. I had to make sure all the groceries got put away properly, and I had to clean up the kitchen a bit before I even started cooking. The result was that I didn't sit down to eat until 8:30. I had 1 more cup of leftover whole wheat rotini, topped with a scant 1.5 cups of spaghetti sauce soup (mushrooms, broccoli, onion, and lean ground beef cooked in a bit of olive oil and then simmered with a jar of spaghetti sauce and a can of diced tomatoes). I topped it off with a tbsp. of parmesan/romano cheese blend and another stick of reduced fat string cheese chopped and melted.


Morning snack - 1/2 c. nuts, 1/2 c. blueberries
Breakfast - 4 oz. salmon fillet, coffee w/1 tsp. cream
Lunch - 1/2 c. peas, 1/2 c. whole wheat rotini, 3 oz. ham, coffee w/1/2 c. 2% milk
Afternoon snack - 2 sticks string cheese
Dinner - 1.5 c. spaghetti sauce soup, 1 c. rotini

NQ 96 (A)
Calories 1780
Fat 98 g
Carbs 120 g
Protein 121 g
Water 113 fl oz

Exercise - 15 minutes light snow shoveling

I think it is cool to see that just by making an effort to choose better (not to be perfect) I did do better! Most people would say that my diet for today was excellent.