Friday, July 24, 2009

Random Thoughts on Life Purpose

Steve Pavlina is a popular personal development blogger, and on occasion, I read his blog. I don't agree with everything he says, but he is interesting and every once in awhile has an idea that makes me think or gets me moving. One of his best ideas, in my opinion, is a simple method of discovering your life purpose. I will not give the details because in order to get the full benefit of this method I think you need to read his original post and really understand how it works for different people.

A few weeks back, I took the time to really put this method to work. I thought and thought and wrote and wrote. It did not take twenty minutes. It did not take 40 minutes. It took three days with about an hour devoted to the process each day before I was happy with the results. I shared them with Diana when she got home from work, and I think I was disappointed that she didn't share the joy and peace that I had found.

I set aside the results thinking that maybe they weren't as important as I thought that they were.

Fast forward to about a week ago when I wanted to look at this life purpose statement again. I opened the document where I had stored it, and it was GONE! Somehow the document no longer included my life purpose. I think I must have saved it wrong. Now, I do know that I copied and pasted this life purpose into Diana's IM window, and I could go look it up in my archives, but there isn't a really easy way to search Y!M archives so it would take a lot of time and effort.

Instead, I am letting go. If I needed that life purpose, it would be there.

I do still think that this process is valuable, and I would still like a life purpose statement whether fluid and static to keep me on an even keel when times get tough and to help me remember both who I am and where I am going, but I think this is not the right time to create it. I am still healing, and my mind swirls everywhere against my will. I need to do other things before that is going to happen and stick.

I am not blind to my life purpose though, and I would like to share bits and pieces that I know here. First and foremost, I need to live in the moment with trust. Next, I need to know and love myself. Piled on top of those two foundations, I need relationships with others, to gift freedom, and to preach important truths. Swirling around everything are walls of knowledge seeking and wisdom.


KentuckyGal said...

Life has a way of putting in front of us (or taking away) what we need (or need /not/ to have) at any given time.

Tomas said...

The awareness of our life purpose is the best diet- the best weight loss program, so to speak.
Thank you for the help to sense the above. While reading your post, I had just unforgettable visions indeed.