Friday, July 10, 2009


I have been thinking a lot about conformity lately, how conformist humans really are! We drive similar cars in the same color families, we live in similar houses also in similar color families, we wear similar clothing...anyone falling outside the norm is labeled as odd or weird or even not all quite there.

My kids, JoAnn and Lia have a thing for Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie. They even have a role play where they act them out. Today they were watching an episode of Paris's reality tv show, My New BFF. We don't have a lot of TV reception out here in the middle of nowhere so they were watching an older episode on the computer. I overheard that people were being voted out based on their fashion choices!

How shallow is that! How could anyone judge a person by their clothes, choose a friend by their wardrobe? It just seems so wrong! The qualities I want in a friend have nothing to do with fashion. Now I do realize that there are some unwritten (and in a few cases written) rules governing our clothing choices. Maybe we don't want to deal with a friend who is stretching the rules whether written or unwritten. I think even this would be way down on the list of qualities I want in a friend.

Honesty? Yes!
Love? Yes!
Caring? Yes!
Fun? Yes!
Reliable? Yes!
Loyal? Yes!
Fashion sense? I think not!!!

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Ann said...

I so agree, I've known some pretty snappy dressers that were down right miserable people to be around.