Monday, July 27, 2009

Calorie Counting Websites

Whether for weight loss, a health issue, or just because you want more control over the food that you put into your body, many people use calorie counting websites to keep track of what they eat, exercise, and nutrition and fitness goals. The two big free sites seem to be FitDay and SparkPeople. I have used both extensively in the past.

I decided to take a few days and do a comparison of these two sites. I will be running through their "start-up" programs and recording the food that I eat at both sites. I am also going to look at a few other sites for comparison, especially those that are diabetic friendly since my girlfriend is a diabetic.

I will let you know my thoughts and impressions in the next few days!


Joy said...

Great! I use CalorieCount.About.Com, but there are a number of sites out there so I'm interested in reading what you have to say. Maybe one of these sites has some features I can't live without ;)

Alyz said...

good to know... :)