Friday, May 8, 2009


I read an article today that tied in with what I am saying here.

The Illuminated Mind is a blog about fulfulling your dreams that I read on occasion.  Today I read an article about giving up to solve a problem.  When you give up on your obsession with having some ideal body then the problem of your weight is solved.  You can put your focus and concentration where it belongs, with eating a nutritious diet that feels good to you, and moving and playing in ways that are fun and work with your life.  You can live in the present and apply your passion to the big dreams that matter most to you.


Dorothy said...

This idea makes sense to me thanks for sharing.

Dorothy from grammology

Poetic Shutterbug said...

It's all in the mindset. When you realize it's about being healthy and feeling good rather than looking like a model, then it becomes very easy.

Brandy said...

Hey there! I have been reading your blog during entrecard drop byes!

I wanted to tell you I gave you a blog award today!

Dorothy L said... are so right.
If we do not love ourselves unconditionally, we will never be able to truly accept who we are and how we are built. The comparison rut only happens when we allow it to control how we feel about who we are.

I have added your link to my blogroll!
Have a great day!