Friday, May 15, 2009

One More Thing...

Continuing on with the theme of prejudice and discrimination against those who have more body fat, two recent stories in the media caught my attention.  The first involved Michelle Obama.  While talking about how important it is for her family to eat healthy foods, she mentions that they switched their whole diet to one that was more healthy because one of her daughters was getting chubby.  I have no problem with people eating healthy!  I think everyone should.  I don't think it is wise for anyone to change their whole family's diet only because one of their children is not the size that they'd prefer.  First of all, if the whole family was eating an unhealthy diet, it would have been important to switch for all of them!  There was no reason for her to single out one of her daughters like that.  What if her daughter continues to be of a larger size as she gets older?  What if she gets even fatter?  She is sure to feel that it is all her fault!  Obviously if the whole family switched its diet, and she's still not the "right" weight, she must be less of a person.  Of course, we all know that it is not that simple.  I do not judge Michelle Obama for saying what she did.  It is the viewpoint that is most common in our society.  Most are probably applauding her attack on childhood obesity.  That is why I think it important to point out another point of view.

The second story was one about Oprah Winfrey apologizing to her fans and talk show viewers for all of the weight swings that she has had over the course of her career!  This is terrible.  Here is a woman who has built up an extremely successful business.  Here is a women who for the most part seems happy and fulfilled.  What is gnawing away at her conscious?  She isn't some idealized size.  Obviously she has tried really hard.  She hasn't succeeded!  Oprah of all people should show society that size really doesn't matter.  She eats healthy.  She exercises.  She should not be wasting one moment of her life worrying about her size.  To add another dimension to the story, I do not think that if she was an overweight man in her same position that "he" would be apologizing about anything.

That is enough of this topic for me for now.  I will continue with my regularly scheduled blogging in the next couple of days. 

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