Sunday, March 1, 2009

I'm Back

We just recently got our car out of the car after an extended absence. It has been wonderful to have the freedom to travel again, but we have been so busy!!! The last four days we have been in and out, in and out! During this time, I have not recorded my food. It just hasn't been a priority.

Today we were out and about too, but I did do my best to record.

Food & Exercise

11:45 Breakfast - breakfast sandwich (1 50g maple flavored sausage patty, 1 61g maple french toast English muffin, .9 oz. cheddar cheese, 1 t. butter), coffee (13 oz. water, 1 T. instant coffee, 3 packets aspartame based sweetener, 1 oz. flavored liquid coffee creamer)

6:45 Lunch - .5L water, 1 plain bagel, 1 Pim's chocolate orange biscuit, 1 McDonald's double cheeseburger, 1.5 McDonald's small fries

10:00 Dinner - 4 small pieces of pizza, 1 large tossed salad with fat free garden veggie french dressing

10:30 Snack - 1 small handful jellybeans, 1 large mug of gingerbread spice tea with 3 packets of aspartame based sweetener

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