Monday, February 2, 2009

A New Month

Here it is February, and I am full to the brim with positivity. I managed to make some money last month, not as much as I had hoped to, but more than I would have thought possible considering the fact that I was quite ill and could only put forth so much effort.

Exercise is still a struggle. The weather is cooperating today so I will hit the road with a new burst of fortitude to make my dreams a reality. I will be practicing mindfulness during my exercise period, and I will maybe mix some things up with some positive visualization.

My partner is beginning a journey of her own this month. She is also thinking about the months ahead and wants to make some changes in the way we eat. I will be thinking about that trying to figure out the direction that we should go. In our world, food is a social thing and making too much of a change can be very difficult unless you choose an isolation that we may not be ready for. It is something we need to discuss a lot I think to find our path.

What am I doing this month? I am eliminating! I am working on getting rid of the things that are non-essential to me. This will include actual "things" but mostly I will be focusing on activities. I don't do a lot of activities that I don't consider essential, but there are a few, and those are on the way out, or at the very least, they will be minimized!

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