Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Day 3: Expectations

I long ago learned the value of letting go of expectations, but it is still an on going battle at times. Parents tell their kids that they expect better of them. We expect ourselves to eat right and lose weight. It seems the world expects everyone to go to college, get a good job, and move up the career ladder. As consumers of services, we expect that no mistakes will be made. Citizens expect their politicians to be above reproach. Our world is full of expectations. Having them seems normal, and to some, even good.

I have done my best to step off the expectation bandwagon. I don't expect my kids to do anything. I just live my life with them letting them be themselves and grow into the adults that they want to become. I try to live in the moment, not in anticipation of the next whether positive expectation or negative dread.

Not having expectations, helps me to go with the flow. One of the problems with single-tasking is it is easy to fall into the expectation that if we desire to complete something, we will be able to with no interruptions. This isn't always going to happen! Sometimes someone is going to really need you. Sometimes you are going to miscalculate, and something is going to take longer than you expected, and an appointment may interfere, or you might realize that it is too far past mealtime and you are starving. It is important to not be a slave to anything! Don't have the expectation that things will always go well. Keep your focus, but when necessary, go with the flow.

Being flexible and living in the moment will be the ultimate key to your success. Once single-tasking has become a habit, it will be easier to tell the difference between a true necessary reason to take a break, and procrastinating or losing focus.

On the exercise forefront, I did good today. I took not one but two walks. In addition to my usual time, I went with for a walk with my daughter Lia in the woods through the snow.

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