Monday, December 1, 2008

Day 1: Single-tasking Attempt Number One

The single-tasking went pretty good today. I didn't think about it a lot, but when I started to get worried that I wasn't doing enough today, I made myself a list of three essential tasks, and I focused on them one at a time until they were done.

Now, about the exercise, I was not so good with that habit. I see exactly what the problem is too! I don't have exercise pinned tightly enough to anything else that regularly happens. The way we live our lives, it is hard to take time away from other things on a regular basis to exercise. Today, I was decorating. I could have stopped and gone, but I felt weird (I have anxiety associated with going outside) and didn't. Obviously if it was a habit, I would have gone!

I have decided that I am going to pin my exercise to 2:00. I am the type to never be late to anything! My exercise is my date with myself, and I am going to keep it! On work days, I will drag encourage Diana to do some more with me when she gets home. When I lived in the city, I walked an incredible amount. I need to get back at it. It gives me so much joy in addition to being good for me.

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