Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Day 4: Quick Update and Progress

First, I am proud to say that today, for the fourth day in a row, I headed outside and walked for around an hour. It brings me great joy, and I see the mental and spiritual benefits from this activity everyday. My body is still adjusting. My biggest problem areas are chafing between my thighs and achy feet. I assume those will work themselves out. Most everything tends to work itself out for me.

I had some thoughts about my life journey today. I definitely see a path. First, I was unaware of who I was. Eventually I got so lost that I just fell out of life. It took a life shaking emergency to wake me up and show me that I was not living the life that I thought I was. Then began the long sometimes hard, sometimes wonderful exploratative journey of self discovery. Along the way I made lots of rules often using them as crutches to get me through difficult patches. Now I am moving into a new state. I am moving beyond rules and crutches. I am learning to be mindful of life, both who I am and who others are, and also how the world is. I chose my actions in the moment, no rules necessary. I no longer want to judge myself. I just am.

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