Sunday, November 30, 2008

Day 30: Last Evaluation and More about Single-tasking

Today I went for my walk in hail. It was small hail, but it was stingy when it hit my face. My girlfriend joined me for the first half of my walk. When she went inside, I continued walking. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), I was less than ten minutes from home when I desperately had to use the bathroom. I sprinted home and did not get my full walk. I am proud of myself for attempting it in that weather though!

Tomorrow starts my month of establishing the single tasking habit. I will continue to report on and off on my positivity and exercise habits as well. My motivations for developing the single-tasking habit is to help me focus and have increased productivity, increase my joy and passion in life, and most importantly decrease my anxiety and fear levels.

There are two obstacles that I am anticipating. The first is that life will get in the way. Little things will come up in the middle of doing something, and instead of completing that task and then moving on, I will feel, on some level, obligated to "pause." I will need to remember to say both no and wait until I am done with this to the members of my family. The second is that I will grow bored of some activities or be distracted or find them difficult so I will want to break to something else. To avoid this, I will have to use a two prong approach. First of all, I will have to make sure that the tasks that I set for myself are not too challenging for me. Then, I will have to persevere refocusing as necessary when I am feeling the urge to distract myself with something else.

I will do my best to hold myself accountable by reporting on my progress here. I will also have the support of my girlfriend Diana who is as eager as I am to see me conquer my multi-tasking anxiety issues.

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