Thursday, October 9, 2008

Day 9: What's Right?

I discovered a new blog today that I really like. It is Illuminated Mind. There was a post in the blog about recognizing what is right in your life. I think I am good at this, but when I succumb to negativeness, it seems that the real trigger is usually forgetting the good.

So in reminder to myself, here is the good:

Diana, a woman who I love very much and who is a soul mate to me, is my partner in life, here everyday showing her love in a million ways.

I live in a very beautiful place and get to enjoy its solitary beauty each and every day.

I have five wonderful children. The oldest is my very best friend, and the rest are here every day living life with me. They are all so helpful and even more importantly joyful!

We have a car that runs and plenty of food, and even when finances are tough, we have options.

I am relatively healthy with full use of my five senses and all of my limbs.

I am pretty and intelligent.

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