Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Day 7: Only One Goal

My only goal for this month is to develop the habit of positivity. Lots of good things are coming from this goal. I find myself doing more each day. I find myself developing morning and evening routines. I find myself enjoying my family more. The laundry is almost caught up!

The thing that I have to remember though is that even though those things are happening. They don't have to happen, at least not right now. My only commitment to myself at the moment is to keep the positive attitude flowing each and every day especially when I am stressed.

If I start to feel like all those other things that are happening are required too, it is likely that I will get overwhelmed and drop everything.

Today was a difficult day. I remained positive, but there was a lot of stress! I am reminding myself that the positivity is what matters most now! If it leads to other good things so be it. If it takes all of my concentration and energy so be it. Keeping it up day after day is what will turn it to habit, and when it is habit, it won't be so much work anymore!

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