Monday, October 6, 2008

Day 6: The Importance of Remaining Honest

Today was a day of struggles. Everything that wasn't perfect seemed to set off a bit of negativity in me. I recognized it, and my conscious mind rebelled actively against positivity! The only way to stop this is to be 100% honest with myself!

I didn't want to write tonight. I thought about skipping it. I never thought of giving up though. I know the solution to my struggles is remaining honest, especially with myself!

It is hard to give up a coping mechanism, even if it is not good for me!

I am going to give myself some mantras to help me throught tough times:

This will pass.

Walking forward with positivity.

Find fun.

Succumb to passion and play.

Choose joy!

I hope these simple phrases will be positive things that I can repeat in my head to reinforce positivity when negativity is my first reaction.

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