Saturday, October 4, 2008

Day 4: The Importance of Movement

Positivity has really been flowing out of me. My moods are up and down this time of month, but I have handled the downs with philosophical positivity today and even when a major physical pain struck, I did not let it bring me down.

Everyone knows that exercise is an important part of a weight loss program as well as being good for our health. Exercise also can be a big help in sustaining a positive attitude. Moving regularly keeps our metabolism up, and vigorous exercise can even cause the release of mood boosting endorphins.

It is common to hear people complaining that they don't have time for exercise. The truth is that exercise doesn't need to take a lot of our time. Just a little bit of extra movement can have positive affects on your mood. Try taking a ten minute walk at lunch time or after dinner. Walk or bike for quick errands. Play outside with your kids! I love playgrounds.

It has been rainy off and on here (mostly on) for the past week. It has been hard to squeeze in walks during the dry periods, but I have been trying. Today I didn't manage so when my computer started working extremely slow, I decided to exercise while things were loading. Stretching and dancing just for a few minutes at a time over the course of an hour really made me feel great! It is easy to get bogged down on the computer forgetting our need to move.

To get the most benefits from moving for your mood, make sure that you relax into the moment. Concentrate on your breathing, on how your body feels, on the sights and sounds around you. Don't strew your mind with worries. Be in the moment, filling your body, mind, and spirit with the positivity of "now."

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