Friday, October 31, 2008

Day 31: An End and A Beginning

Today is the last day of my month to cultivate the habit of positivity. I have had a lot of success, and turning away from negativity is definitely a habit. It still isn't always easy. The urge is probably the biggest part that has become habit. After I get the urge, I can't help but keep seeking for some way to move out of negativity's path! That can be a struggle, but it is a worthwhile struggle that always feels good in the end!

Tomorrow I begin cultivating a new habit. This one just might take a bit more determination. It will affect not only me but my whole family! I am going to start exercising everyday. I am going to write a formal statement of my commitment here.

I commit to spend the month of November cultivating the habit of exercise. I will exercise everyday after lunch for one hour. This exercise will usually take the form of walking outdoors. I will walk where ever I wish, however I wish, but I will always continue for one hour. Below are some anticipated problems, and my planned strategies for dealing with them.

First, if I am not home when I eat lunch, I will do my hour exercise when I arrive home. If I eat lunch at home, and absolutely can't stay home to finish my exercise right after my lunch, I will exercise immediately when returning home. I will do my best to eat lunch early enough on days that I know I need to go out in the afternoon to avoid this problem as much as possible. If I have delayed my exercise for some reason and get home when it is too dark to walk outside, I will spend one hour exercising in the house. This exercise could include informal things like dancing and playing actively with the kids and more formal things like exercise tapes. This same routine will be followed if the weather is too bad to exercise outside or to do the whole hour outside.

Perhaps the most important thing is that I will use my positivity to help reinforce this habit. I know how much I love being outside! I know how wonderful it makes me feel! Adding exercise on a daily basis will make my life so much better. I am excited for this to become habit during the month ahead.

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