Friday, October 3, 2008

Day 3: Learning to Slow Down

Today has been a very good day both in the positivity department and just in general. I have had to squash negative thinking a few times, but I am getting better at it and rebelling less. One thing that I really have problems with is slowing down. If I don't slow down, I don't have time to both squash the negativity and reshape it into something positive. Just squashing it isn't enough. I need something to replace it with, or I am just left in an anxious mindless state ready to break down or accept the first thing flung my way no matter how ridiculous it might be!

There is no reason not to slow down. When I am in the midst of an unwanted torrent of negative thoughts, I nearly always have a few minutes to spend on the thought processes necessary to make it better. (This may not be true for others who work outside the home or have a more rigid schedule, but nearly everyone can take a moment, and if longer is needed, you can usually find a way to secure it.)

I think when I realize it is a tough time, I am going to concentrate on breathing. Just concentrating on breathing is a good way to slow down, giving myself the time I need to return to positivity.

Slowing down can be a positive thing in many areas of our lives. I often feel like I don't have enough fun, that everything is just rushing by so fast that I can't truly experience anything. By concentrating on my breathing and slowing down, I hope to dispel that illusion and give myself the space I need to enjoy more of the moments of my life!

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