Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Day 21: Love Yourself

It seems that most of us have been conditioned to see love as conditional. How many of our parents were disappointed in us? How many gave rewards for "good behavior"? How many of us had teachers that told us that we could do better, even that we need to do better? It is easy to say that these people loved us and just wanted us to do our best, but in reality, most of us do do our best on the things that matter to us, and if they don't matter to us, why do we need to do our best or more honestly do them at all?

How does this affect us as adults? Well, it affects us in a lot of ways! What I want to focus on today though is how it affects our ability to unconditionally love ourselves. I hear it audibly and see it in actions, people saying, "When I lose weight, I will go on that cruise." People turning away from pleasures because they haven't met some goal that they have set for themselves. People looking in the mirror and thinking that they will be good enough when...

Staying positive means living in the moment. You could not see the next moment. Now is the time to live your life! In order to live your life to the fullest, you need to love yourself to the fullest. You need to realize that you deserve a good life full of love and joy now. Don't set conditions for your love. Be yourself, love yourself, and live the life you want now! You can't get now back, so don't waste it!

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